A highlight from Inspired Conversations: Ep 8 The Sea


John wesley father of the methodist church. Believe that target spoke exactly everybody. I'm ashley and i'm kristen. And i'm meredith. We want to welcome you to inspired conversations. The podcast study of the book inspired slang giants walking on water and loving the bible again by rachel held evans. The book is available on paperback audio. So please follow along with us. Even if you aren't reading along. I think you'll find this conversation beneficial and entertaining to your own faith journey. Today we're going to dive into a discussion of sea and fish stories. This really interesting. Mid rash beginning does not. It did brought me back to childhood a little bit. Yeah i love. So the the c story at the beginning was actually. Choose your own adventure favorite. I think the hardy boys did choose it your head and i'm pretty sure i went through all of those in every way you can like every single day when they're like you flip pages and you don't like it's not an order so it's like benny back to the beginning and so you can't like song. Yeah and try to but my daughter is obsessed with the one net trying to head as a child is a cinderella and she now knows which ones make the book longer. She'll pick every time and tries to pick another one. She's like no. Don't do that one. Understand the bookings early. Yeah it was interesting it was. It surprised me a little bit about y'all because all the other stories have been kind of historical biblical mid rash and this was like present day. Yeah and i started reading it and for reason it freaked me out a little bit like it made it very I don't know. Surreal the way she was describing it for sure. Yeah so the story is about a who is on a trip to the holy land With a church and pastor past and they're doing all of these kind of typical turkey things singing songs and visiting all of these locations and it tells the story of pastor pete who is kind of feeling disconnected from his faith on this trip and feeling like all. I m nauseous. They're on a boat on the sea of galilee to go check it out and there's people who are all into it and he's just like man i just feel like throwing up like he's like i know i should feel these things. I'm not feeling things right right. Yeah so it's very relatable. I felt like very interesting. And then yeah he sees a vision Out in the onder And then white one and white and then you get to choose yes which route you go. Are you the person that jumps in the water to try and swim toward the vision in white or are you the person that stays on the boat and just kind of sees how it will play out Don't any had to choose so which to jolt you you you essentially like they play up this scenario where maybe perhaps jesus walking on water is out there in this modern day storm that catches this boat by surprise. Did y'all choose to follow after air quotes. Jesus or did you stay in the boat. I stayed in the boat. I'm a pretty cautious person by nature. I mean like. I like to think. I'm super carefree and you know sure. Let's try everything while. I like to try things when it comes to personal safety. I tend to be pretty cautious. Well and also the story pastor. Pete didn't know how to swim right. That's real scary to kick her. I'm just gonna type in. But guess what. Even if i can swim so even if it was me i probably would've been like there the storm we're on a boat. I'm just gonna stay here and see what happens. Yeah and i talked about how. I would need a little bit more evidence like i need. You know to really know that it. She's a he's got to walk a little bit closer to me. Before i jump in and see him but i do think if in the next scenario and be when the other person jumps in and starts drowning do believe i would act absolute in that way to how right So in the the b. side they stayed in the boat and decided to not chase after jesus and ended up helping someone who decided to do that themselves which was also in its own way i think stories Tell a story Of choosing faith at one moment or the next and one is based on faith in one is based on You know things that faith leads us to do which is really interesting. I mean i'm not trying to be different and maybe it's just my Inclination to play out though. Come on ice shows to jump. And did i chose to jump. I don't know.

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