A highlight from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to Mental Health


That's the reason why you should never eat apple pie again. I miss that tires thing. Can you go over all that again. No i just adam. We've been doing this for three hours snail. Did you not get that. I had i had spreadsheets. Had everything apple pie bad. I told you exactly why. Now you'll never know. Go on eating your apple pie and enjoying it. Fine we're just going to start with the pencil podcast here. I'm adam and i'm just and we were having a conversation. I press record back to that. Send our just doing a podcast. So so we should think of some to Let's see we're in season two in pencil. We got renewed as you probably already heard if you listen to the first episode consciously review our selves. Yet we we. We had a very long hard discussion with ourselves and There was a lot of crying. There are some groveling. there have some bribery but We we ended with With colour bribery honestly Interesting anyone yeah so. The theme of the season is mental health right mental health. You know that's the health that is of the mind and the theme. The theme of the youtube channel right now is appears to be primarily zelda at true We we have a place going on. That is Eventually we'll have another video up for it but it's a really tough eh. because of some technical difficulties that i have to go through in scrub out. What does it have some glinting in the. Yeah here too much as probably cussing on. It's just the that is taking a lot longer than i thought it would. And also we just put up another video on on the link to the past Just to this past week a video. The literally worked six months on. And it's doing pretty well. I gave her a bit of a boost on bass bookings arts doing pretty well over one hundred over two hundred us right now. What you think is one of our best for us yes. We are still a small channel and two hundred views. Frick fricton whatever. That's i mean we only have like eight or nine videos had over one hundred views so when has a so. That's we love that so feel free. Check it out. Youtube dot in pencil dot live all our youtube channel Pages all great youtube videos. We have yes we like like the one. I did on wednesday about the chris henry or we have some terrible ones like the one i did about the mother in law in mother-in-law's haunting do you i mean just i don't think it resonated as much as i was hoping it was it was the most funny video i've ever written it generally funny then we have the stanley payroll playthrough which Yes and That that i think that's resonating with people. And so feel free to go watch stanley payroll we could we could spend. We could have our own stanley parable. Podcast if we it to there's so much stuff to talk about about stanley payroll but we're not going to so we do have other games that i wanna play wanna play eventually. We need to play untitled. Kiss game together if we can. Yeah and that and Subliminal right super limited whatever it was called the one the puzzle when the shipping or what was called anyways illegal and then. I made a video about tom. Long's super charlie moore you rip off gang which has played. It's amazing. i have not played it. I meant to play it Forgot gotta play that It's great great video. I don't know if the game is a good video to say that it's it's a funny game but we are. Please check out our youtube page if you haven't already Think you'll find some things you like and if you don't like it then don't stick around but there's a lot of different variety on there because we're variety people youtubers whatever can like our videos. Yeah i said our videos can like our podcasts. But today we are still talking about mental health but today we are talking about mental health and we did say last time that we talk about a few video game characters so the first one we're gonna to talk about is the silent protagonist snow as like Comes in to to to to to cut that out. That's actually a shame that i said. Oh okay simpson's name. I think that star wars. Actually i don't want to cut that out because it's me terribly doing star wars so bad that you thought it was the simpsons but giving star wars yet do you know. Have you ever seen star wars movies. Yeah i have do

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