A highlight from A Cryptid Conversation: Jersey Devil, Moth Man, Bigfoot, and Jonah and the Whale


So can you go through all that again. Just because i was pantic now. I'm sorry it's only one time shot. Welcome back to the in pencil podcast. I'm adam i'm jeff and good morning. We're recording this at six. Am my time at eleven eleven. Might time so make away. What's that come from. It's just an old thing. You think the eleven eleven. I've seen it before. In places i guess is because it's one one one one you're supposed to make a wish because it's such a rare thing to see. I don't know where it originates. Eleven they were all g probably not anything special. It's probably just because it's four. Once is my guess. it's able to synchronicity. This is clock thing. it's in auspicious sign others claim eleven signals a spirit presence in however skeptics say that other called post hoc reasoning in confirmation bias. So if you if you see a lower. Lebanese has meaning Happens to you It's confirmation bias more or less. I've never heard of having meaning. I've just heard you're supposed to make a wish like seeing the first star at night over here. Something i so november eleventh two thousand eleven or eleven eleven. Eleven saw an increase in the number of marriages to plays in different areas throughout the world including the us in across asia. Same thing is one one. Did january first of two thousand one in february of two thousand and two are march third two thousand and three all way up minus june six two dozen six probably i bet. July seventh of two thousand seven had a lot of marriages. I've as some people i know. A bunch of people getting married on september tenth of two thousand eleven because they wanted the nine till eleven people get married on weird dates just so they can be married on a fun date because what does it matter in the end date. You get married you know. And that's not that big of a deal so you must make it fun. He i got married on smarts thirteenth of two thousand and thirteen so i can have the thirteenth thirteenth thirteen weight watchers three notes march smart which have never seen the simpsons treehouse. Before i have a thirteen hour of the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month. We had a pta meeting. We were there to discuss. The misprinted accounts are something to that extent. It's probably one of my favorite one of my favorite simpson's lines for for other unusual. Wants seafood tober. Yeah we're here to talk about curbs if you're curious. Crypt is the word Hidden from the greek word. Cryptovest are curtis. Yes to mean hidden in. It is the word that freud used. Talk about your head that primal like whatever you're gonna do that primal instincts rights your hidden instincts. That's my psychological babble psychobabble. That's what the it is. The instinctual component of personality that is present at birth as a source of bodily needs in once emotional impulses and desires especially aggression libido or sex. Drive the it acts according to pleasure principle. The pleasure principle the psychic forests oriented to immediate gratification and impulse in desire the fine by the pain. You're curious. Adam does not know this off the top of his head.

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