A highlight from Hiatus: What We Call Being Busy Is Actually Just Laziness

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Order back the podcast. And i have been intimidate on my motions but my name is jess. Nobody's gonna know what you mean by that because it doesn't matter okay up here i'm pointing to my head right fair enough or they'll know right here i'm pointing to my heart actually. Not because i think my heart rate. Because i don't know where the heart is in the human body but i'm pointing in the general heart area so this is the first time listening to us. Just know that like every conversation we have we tend to have these visual indicators that we give to each other that don't really like Like carry over well into an audio only format so just kind of You know have some expression of forgiveness for that But anyway while we've really started off on a on a in my defense. I didn't start off in podcast for podcasts. At podcast app makers podcast. I came from more of a video making my creative endeavors or more video centric back in the day and then we quit for a while you can go back to previous podcast figure out a whole life story so i'm so used to the more visual medium which is weird because all the videos that do now don't show my face or back in the day. Yes so it's like you don't see my face and you don't see all the cool hand motions. i want to currently doing which had just. It sucks in that way. That i can't express myself correctly scratching my neck with a screwdriver. Right now he can't. I mean you know. Adam does what he does screwdrivers as learned from doctor who can be used to do pretty much. Anything are very diversely. Multiple faceted uniquely useful tools. And and that's all. I have to say about screwdrivers. That's actually the podcast. Thanks for listening and bread. We have so like it's been one week. Oh god fuck. It's been like a month since we recorded last pack last podcast. Ironically was like a celebrating. Here being a podcast. We did great. We celebrate a year by not ever recording doing nothing. We took a long deserved vacation from literally sitting in front of a computer in talking about nonsense that we did not look up for an hour right. That's that is true. It's such a hard life. Don't get paid for this nominee. If if you wanna pay us there will work harder. Yeah go ahead fact checks from shift where we say next time. Yeah by a better audio equipment stuff like that. Yeah oh that's that's the thing we need to buy. Podcast mike seymour. I remember like in march april. You couldn't buy anymore. Podcast mike's because because of the pandemic last march and april because of the start of the pandemic everybody decided to start their own. Podcast i guess or the head of the curve. That's true that products. Do you really need podcast. Might to talk on zoom for me so for me personally when i do zoom for like professional purposes or whatever i do use my normal mike like this particular mike right here i do use that a as opposed to like just normal mike because it does sound a little better But our bikes admittedly are not like studio quality. Like professional microphones.

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