A highlight from 2020 Awards: The Best of the Worst Year Ever (...So Far)


Podcast. I'm having and i'm jack and today i always something different and unique today because it's the end of the year we've decided to have our own award show as you do on podcasts. So today we're doing the in pencil awards for all categories that we can think of best worst and yeah well. There's a lot of that going around this year. The portion especially in tennessee. Right now. what's up with that. Yeah i doubt now. So i had some dental work done over here. Somebody jaw swollen and it hurts pretty pretty badly From time to time. I took some ir appropriate some and milligrams of As as as you do so speech is slurred or vice. Sound a little off. That's why so. I apologize but then again. I don't cause unwanted. Pay not you husband son. I mean networks at that is what that is. I really so you put together. A list of category or categories. Got so in each of these. Were not going to award the overall best song because they're only two of us and we're going to have different on all these awards we're going to have different opinions so it's going to be just as fast and adams best. Yeah and since. I haven't really prepared. Any of my opinions have prepared my opinions. No i haven't I'm just going to be going off the cuff on this. And i think i actually. I'm going to answer for all these. So and i hope i have a good answer for all these. Let's get going. So the first one is adam said was best song. So what is your song of the year. Actually put a lot of thought into this. Because i was looking at my spotify and thinking about the records About this year and thinking about everything that came out this year. I feel like this year. I spent a lot more time than normal than i do. Normal year listening to music. The the one song the stood out to me this year as being topically relevant ascetical superior to the rest of the songs. I listen to this year the year ago. There's a lot of good songs they come out with. Grace on stands out to me Above all the others. All that's left is love by angels and Are you familiar with the song. I am not all right. Well then. I don't know what to tell you that that's my song of the year. All that's love is love bangles airwaves. It's wrong about while it came out at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and it was about how like the world is kind of you. Know everything's changing people's focuses shifting. And if you start to realize what's more important than live in while none of a domestically relevant Topics covered song. That i think I think we'll stand the test of time. Yeah how are you for me. I have my list of songs that i made a list of seven songs that i really enjoyed this year and some of them were pre pandemic in summer during pandemic. And there's a big difference in the tone feels like even though some of these songs that came out during the pandemic really written pre pandemic one of the best songs and this is not my number one. But i'm going to give an honorable mission. Mention is think they're pronounced laney l. a. n. y. at laney dino the spanned No

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