Social Audio Impact on Podcasting Conferences #439

New Media Show


Lots of stuff going on at the at a podcasters academy Board of governors meeting earlier. So things are progressing along with the ambiance and a new rebrand coming to and then Then the nominees for the nba. Const i believe it's tomorrow awesome easy or if you're hearing this after the fact that would be on thursday. But i've been. I've been busy too. It's been meanings meetings meetings. We're doing some updates on our website. rolling out. Some new product designations. And yeah so. It's been a busy wednesday for sure but anyway you know it's never i guess we're never shall we say it. There's lots of news. Are all the entertaining. i think. That's what the media does right. They loved to get a spun up. So we you know we have something to talk about right. That's right emarketer. Closes a research company. Emarketer claims that spotify will overtake apple. Podcasts by us total listeners this year year listeners. Interesting that perspective on it right. I don't know how you get from nine ten eleven eight twelve percent market share globally. That you know that's by download and you get sixty sixty one sixty two percent on apple by download how you make this fifty percent up and being able to have that incredibly much thing is you've got to without doubt okay. Let me get this right when you listen to a podcast new download. You're you're basically a listener. That's a one right right well. They're not claiming downloads. Being bigger but still but if you if you listen to a podcast on spotify and listen to an episode you you're one listener. A new accumulated one download because brolin pass through and we measure that is download right. So if you're on dishes no you know. There's this little bit hocus pocus game that's going on with listeners versus downloads. I seen some reports from some podcast hosts that say Emad factor was opposed in a facebook post last week. I said i've got sixty downloads. But my system says. I have a hundred listeners. Okay defined that is that you had fifty listeners. Last week and fifty listeners. This week and you've had one hundred listeners but you've only had six download it doesn't make any sense to me You know there's countless seem listener twice. That's litho unique listener. You can't count on twice. I well you can call well. A unique uniqueness. Okay if i listen to the new media show today from last episode. And i listened to today's episode. I i'm that's to downloads but you're right. I'm still a listener of one listener. I mean if you listen to episode twice if you downloaded it or listen to it outside of the range of the ib right. You could be counted as to town downloads right. But it could be one listener right right so anytime. I see the number of listeners. Higher being reported higher than the total number of downloads. I scratch my head because what have we tried to do. Here with the ibiza. What we have a unique ip. And that's still one person one action. Yeah they may come in on four different devices and get ford downloads. I again. I don't know where this this is. Total malarkey snag. It can't be factual data because apple isn't releasing the amount of actual listens to podcasts on their platform.

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