Detroit Mayor Duggan doubles down on not wanting J&J vaccine for 'foreseeable future'


Appear to walk back comments he made this week after turning down doses of Johnson and Johnson. Covert 19 vaccine have to push back from public health experts. This is what Mayor Duggan said on Thursday. Johnson and Johnson is a very good vaccine. Madonna and Fizer are the best and I am going to do everything I can to make sure the residents of the city to try to get the best on so as you know, I went to the White House got a commitment for 15,000 week of a modern adviser. We've been enlarging it. And this week we've got 29,000, Madonna and Fizer vaccine 17001st doses. 12002nd doses. Those majority Fizer vaccines will cover every single Detroiter looking for a shot next week. I expect us to have between 25 30,000 more majority and fires of vaccines and again, I believe we will have a majority. If ISA vaccine for every Detroit who wants one. The day may come when we have more Detroiters asking for vaccines. We have identifies her. In which case we'll set up a Johnson and Johnson site, But I have say for the foreseeable future, I feel confident that we will have a majority advisor vaccine for every Detroiter who wants to get vaccinated Detroit Mayor

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