You've got the back. Seen what? What It is


I think the work. Can you imagine if I hadn't met you? And I hadn't spent that $1000 to get to New Orleans so that also all conference? Maybe the one and only time because the way things are going, George. It seems like it's getting better. But then they come out with different things. I don't know if you saw this and Israel They're, um Having their iPhones think up. Of course, just about everybody in Israel has gotten back scene and so a lot of people have no but what it is now. If You've got the back. Seen what? What It is like if you won't go to a movie theater or something like that. It's a tracking device. And I don't I don't know if you did that on your new segment, But I tell you, George is getting ready just like and this is what you corn You said it was the mask of the beast. I heard somebody else used it last night or the other night, But, yeah, I think this is the mark of the beast. Just like the master trying to gradually get it. Used to accepting things. Well, you got to have the vaccine or else you can't fly. You can't do this, but I'm so glad you've been formed the public And I don't know if they know this. Now, When are preachers here named past? Gunnar told us that they've used the border fetuses and all three of them, but they stopped him into him. But this Johnson and Johnson It's still uses those stem cells of a board of fetuses. So a lot of the Catholics have refused to take this stuff because you know

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