Abbott is supporting the bill. Texas now joins Florida, which recently declared big text censorship. Illegal.


Capacity. But unlike Texas and Mississippi, both states are keeping their face mask mandate. West Virginia Governor Jim Justice admits he's not a fan of wearing a mask but says they have saved a lot of lives. Texas State Senator Bryan Hughes is pushing legislation that would allow Texans to sue Twitter, Facebook and other social media giants who ban individuals for supposedly violating their terms of service. The Tyler Republicans calls Tyler Republican Calls it a matter of free speech. We have a handful of billionaires in San Francisco to run these tech companies. It doesn't make them the gatekeeper of free speech. But that's what they want to be, and that's not right. That's not how we're gonna do it. These people are controlled the Newtown Square and everyone should be able to come there and share their ideas and debate and hash things out. Governor Abbott is supporting the bill. Texas now joins Florida, which recently declared big text censorship. Illegal. FBI's arrested 1/4 person in the Houston area in connection with the attack on the U. S. Capitol 43 year old Shane Jenkins was arrested. It is Northwest Houston home. He faces several charges stemming from the January 6th incident. It appears the Senate may vote later today on a massive covert relief bill. Republicans argue it's bloated with non Covad related items. There's a new deal on unemployment insurance a week before benefits run out for millions of people. Senate Democrats have agreed to continue $300 a week through September. The six also a tax break for those making under $150,000 a year. KTRH News time. Two Oh, three New York lawmakers air, giving the green light to a measure stripping Governor Andrew Cuomo of temporary emergency powers. The State Assembly approved the bill Friday, hours after the Senate voted in favor of it. Woman was granted the authority to make important health and safety deposit decisions. Earlier in the pandemic without approval from the legislature. The governor is signaled that he would sign the bill. This comes as he faces allegations of sexual harassment and covering up covert nursing home deaths. KTRH news time. Two Oh, three Texas utility regulators say they will not overturn the $16 billion worth of electricity overcharges. Hefty bills were racked up when the state's utility grid failed last month. Although a pricing error by the grids operators to blame they're rejecting a recommendation to reverse the charges. Overcharges happened over a 32 hour period in February, when ERCOT reportedly kept wholesale prices at the maximum level coming up to $9000 per kilowatt hour. Orioles in as a story of the relationship between baseball and booze. A new survey from NJ Online ranks the boozy ist fans and baseball based on the drinking habits of thousands of major league baseball fans. It finds the Astros rankled a 24th out of 30 teams for boozy nous, with Houston fans averaging just over two drinks per game. The Astros also ranked dead

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