Is ruling party called this vote of confidence as a way of reaffirming his strength following a surprise electoral defeat in a crucial Senate seat earlier this week. The opposition knowing abroad called this sector survived. The vote is boycotting proceedings Abroad. Cards ruling alliance has a slender parliamentary majority, but in a secret ballot on Wednesday at number of its members voted against his candidate and in favor of the opposition's prime minister. Card has accused the opposition of paying for the votes that way. It's against him. They deny that and say he's losing his grip on power events being held in Afghanistan today to mark the 20th anniversary of the destruction of the sixth century Buddhist statues at Bamiyan. Giant sandstone figures were blown up by the Taliban and act that shocked the world are South Asia. Correspondent Jill McGill. Bring reports, local officials are organizing a series of events to mark what happened from a protest march to a meal in one of the ancient painted caves once used by meditating monks.

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