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Negative jerk reaction to the word kham. Persian perfectly useful word. It's just that some people dislike certain words like some people don't like the word moist trump. some people crazy. I think it's kind of similar to the way. Some people dislike certain spices. lots of people hate cilantro. they want that shit in their mouths. What compassion in my ears. Okay okay encyclopedia. Britannica get people dislike. Have quote a variation and a group of olfactory receptor genes that allows them to strongly perceive. The soapy flavored aldehydes in cilantro leaves. So entre hate is genetic. I got it but i don't think anyone is looked into whether there's a genetic reason why some people hate the word moist or nipple panties or persian so genetic cause for this phenomenon can't be ruled out as a fan of the english language. I gotta say. I got to admit conversion. It's a useful word. You may have heard conversion described as the opposite of jealousy but when broadly defined an empathetic state of happiness or joy experienced when individual experiences happiness joy. It's really more accurate to describe. Persian is the opposite of sheldon fried up conversion happiness at the happiness of others schadenfreude happiness at the misfortune of others. It's a german word. The crunch gave us the nausea twat and tongue kissing. The germans gave shot and in fred and sauerkraut not suggesting we make any inferences about national character here but it. It's of hard to resist now when poly-amorous conversion and it may been a poly-amorous person for as coined the term it was certainly poly-amorous people who popularized it when poly-amorous people use the term. It does mean the opposite of jealousy. It's the feeling of joy you get when your romantic partner finds joy in another romantic partner. Ben there felt that it's a good feeling needed. Its own word. Just wish they'd come up with some that didn't sound like cilantro tastes anyway. I've been thinking we may need a third definition of persian sort of post covid nineteen pandemic definition of persian pacific about the joy. We introverts are gonna feel when all you extroverts. We've been locked up at home with for the last year and change can lead the fucking house again. I an introvert. Staying home for me was easy. It's going out for me. It's always been hard. And i want all the extroverts out there to know once you guys can go out again. That includes you terry. I'm gonna feel a new and different kinds of persian. I am going to take joy in the joy you take going out. But i'm going to enjoy that joy of mine at home. I don't wanna talk to people in bars or shake hands or god forbid after hugging a stranger or at least i thought i didn't but after reading markham hides piece in the new york times over the weekend about germs and bacteria and how being exposed to other people's germs and bacteria is good for us. I don't know in his piece in the opinion section. Can we learn to live with germs again. Hide argues that our health may depend on returning to lifestyles term lifestyles that regularly exposed us to other people's bacteria their microbiome shaking hands hugging licking doorknobs. Our microbiomes the trillions of bacteria living in our guts and oliver our skin in our lungs and our joints and maybe even our brains their health and our health may

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