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We got great weather in the mile high city of the three teams. That weren't action on wednesday. One avs blow to lead can on characteristic and fall in san jose but things are good around here certainly broncos country. The aaron rodgers conversation will continue to be a conversation until it's not and my guest today. mike silver. We're going to talk to him a lot about where things are with the aaron rodgers situation. These guys have known each other for a long time. Mike is a cow guy through and through Calbears he lives in berkeley or right near berkeley right near campus there in the bay area i think at least one of his kids went to berkeley which has got to be interesting when you go to school right in your home town like my man ranks berg who lives eight minutes from the campus but As he said he could never imagine on. Cultural ball. saturday's cheering for a team. Other than the buffs. Well anyway. but i digress. But so michael. Silver is gonna come on. He's got really really good insights into what's going on with aaron rodgers. Good as maybe anyone that has them at this point and he was here in denver for the broncos draft and he was positioned the broncos the war room and then was was his work area was way different than ours. We were in the pat bowl and field house. I was at the fifty yard line where we were broadcasting from. Not that i was on very much. But it was dave rick big al and then ryan and ben on day one and day two and then it was me with ryan on day three but i was. I was sitting there running our live blog and and tracking. What's going on with the moves. Then everyone else was it twenty ish well there about twenty yards away from about the front of the twenty five to fifteen maybe to the to the ten split up space dow. We all had tables. That are works bases in front of the podium. Where george peyton and vic fangio would talk to us and then we're passer ten talk to us after he got drafted Passer ten junior that is and so we were nowhere near the broncos war room or the broncos building or seeing anybody walked by like we have in the years past we. When you're in the team room which is where the broncos made their war room you just step outside to grab a bite or hurt or run to the bathroom and you may see a coach down the stairs. That's doing something or or catch someone just in passing for a second. Just say hi. You're finding out who they're taking next But your access is way different. We disagree certainly much better than a year ago when it was virtual and that had its benefits but now we at least got to see george vic face to face after each round and then jordan vic edwards heard Comments and the monday podcasts. Were with ryan ben post round and we threw that up on on video and and you can hear the audio to Koa newsradio dot com. So it was better but not as good as the access. Mike silver hat so we will. We will talk with Mike who has Some really good stories storyteller and he's got a great podcast that he does with his daughter. Natalie called pass it down Where they talk football but she is not a a football journalist if you will. She doesn't cover the league She does with her dad. And i don't even know if she aspires to to to do that full time but she is having fun and their podcast is is a lot of fun so i urge you to go. Check it out wherever you listen to this podcast or if you have other podcast platforms ease as well. For whatever reason on all you would use the same one. I do most of my stuff either on the iheart app or of course apple podcast. So there you go and speaking of podcasts. I still can't tell you who it is. But i will tell you what it is minute. Podcast is going to be me. Doing a weekly podcast. With the broncos player. It's starring the broncos player. I am the sidekick if you will the this broncos blair asked me to do a podcast because he wanted to start doing a podcast and so We've got it already to go in fact the teaser trailer If you will make them out by tomorrow and then the plan is and if we stick to the plan sometimes you wanna stick to the plan but to drop it. Every late wednesday night into thursday. So that's how you start your thursday through the season and and hopefully beyond So there is a little more info on where things are with The podcast project. That i was telling you about. The broncos are on board on so hopefully to live on some of their digital platforms as well but That is on the horizon. There was a memo from the league about dates for. Ota's in terms of the onfield works. Guess that's accelerated to phase three. They kinda just roll phase one and phase two together with the phase one. You're supposed to just be virtual and working out phase two. You can work out. The workout can go beyond and you can be on the field with a coach with no opposition so the offense can be out there and stare and the defense can be out there against air and then phase three looks like a practice in in shorts and t shirts basically with helmets on But today's rookie is rookie camp and around here rookie. Camp tends to be rookie. Symposium if you will and learning about the building and study hall if you will and i say study hall you'll be in classroom but after jeff. Hier mentor his knee. During rookie camp. The broncos have shut that down in recent years so that's may fourteenth to sixteenth. Ota's aka organized team activities may twenty fourth and twenty fifth as well as the twenty seventh and june first and second as well as the fourth then the seventh and eighth and tenth and eleventh. So those are. I'm guessing without looking at canada's our monday tuesday thursday fridays probably And then mandatory. Minicamp is june fifteenth to seventeenth the mandatory mandatory randwick man has told me mandatory is mandatory so even if guys want to skip those ot workouts person because they're worried about covert or anything else cova testing and and we'll see where the league down covid testing In in terms of what they're requiring because as somebody with the broncos told me they're working backwards if you will and kind of germany and with the tier one tier because so many people are vaccinated are continuing to get vaccinated. we'll be fully vaccinated by the time any of this starts That why are you going backwards in implementing these systems and spreading everything apart and making it just more tedious not challenging just tedious. All right. let's get to michael silver. Though at mike silver on twitter has been covering the league. literally forever is. I'll tell you in his mid fifties at comes up in the conversation he's been with. Nfl network for a million years after being sports illustrated for a million years but again at mike silver on twitter Than the pass it down podcast badge down. Podcast dot com. He was with sports illustrated for almost fifteen years and now he's obviously been on. Nfl network forever But here Is a fun chat. We go a bunch of different places. But inside the broncos war room so to speak the latest on aaron rodgers on we start with the story Then he takes. He told me down the road of of trails in the niners. What shanahan john lynch. We're doing it three up. Here's my Chat with mike zimmer. On the broncos daily podcast michael before we get to the broncos draft and you had access better than anyone and even before we get aaron rodgers. I wanted to ask you what it's like doing podcast with your daughter. Because i think that's i know you do a lot of fun stuff. And you've covered a million super bowls and nfl network. Lets you do really cool stuff but doing a podcast with your daughter has to rank high. On your list of favourite things you've done workwise may maybe evers at is that fair. Yeah i mean it's it's been a blast to know in really branded started when we were quarantining early on and i decided to explain her labor because she was stuck in the house me. Yeah no. it's been really fun. You know she. She was a little hesitant in that she said. Look the nuts and bolts of football. I i'm not up to speed on. I said good. I'd rather have someone with kind of a fresh take on some things who may be questions you know elements of our weird world that you know people like you and i don't take the question so we've just tried to you know. Keep it loose. Have a great vibe. We've had some awesome guests our

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