A highlight from Episode 72 - GUEST Inner Monolog Podcast - Conspiracy Theories, AOL and Mario Cart Super Teams


Welcome to episode. Seventy two of the spivey special podcasts. Somehow they're still. Let's put out on our website. We don't know why there no rules they just let us do whatever we want so we got a pretty exciting episode. We have not one not two not three. Not four guess. Visit footnote is for this. I'm not that great at man. There's five boxes on the screen so is going on green screen behind us which is nice in. Got our logo. Ready to pop. What's introduce everybody. I we are here with the inner monologue. Podcasts were very excited. Have you guys here with us. You guys are instagram buddies for a while just like and stuff back and forth and we just finally reached out to you guys. So how would you introduce yourself real quick before moving to get new. Your guest balls will start with you all right names. Marcus bowls california I'm pretty much the it. It'd be the video guy Have a huge background in three d. animation video games visual effects all that extra shit. So it's pretty much what i do most of the time when i'm not playing video games and shit all right in the delo. Sign your name. But that's shirt. So i know i'm i'm ripping medella hard as you guys can see. What the shirt and. Also the drink though. Spoiler alert is my favorite drink My name's jose. I'm one fourth of cats. I run our g. And my background husband bother to girls and i work in the alcohol industry. Though i'm the the hookup While podcasts and comes to beer whisky and wine well. That's a good guy to know you. That's why you invited that. Okay all right all right. I'll head down to ricky. I think it was. Yeah yeah so. That's new but by note. Um you i have no actual tally other than trying to be funny when we're on here that's basic on the floor on the hooker for the guy that's pretty wooded I'm the friend in your group apprentice. That usually what everybody else was thinking of that echoes enter echoes. My name's julio I still in space with hot air on this. Show jan on you. Pretend to be far from super troopers and the anti right and I was just gonna run late to facebook and snapchat. Low for our podcast. Just look stupid articles for the guys either. Give me back for bringing them up. We're just to make fun of that's perfect. That's like a super team is eligible some. We're basically the same person's for brothers. Have we just kind of do the same thing for some reason. It doesn't really work but we just keep no it hit the head of inch of all. There's no I so let's take a short break in. Let's get into get to know your guests. The spivey brothers are always here but who is joining them today. Who is who is sit back. And let's find out together with get to know your guest all right we gotta get to know your guests at inner monologue podcast here. We already did to describe yourself. We're already off outline. I love it ahead of the game. So we're going to start out with our classic getting your guests question. We are going to figure out what everyone's spirit animal is. Let's start with bowls. I've really hope it's bowls minutes are basically. Oh you're right. Got one tattooed. On my fucking chest all right madonna. I think master animal when choose an equal to like like their vision. I think the visionary the group and babu term thing. And that's the i'm going to have to get a tissue beautiful thank you. I'm supposed to follow out on a tour. Say so go up to be. I'd probably be some of impli because yes. They are communal. But i spent most of my time by myself eating food on my back. The is living. The dream are echoes. What have we got. I would say Panda like you done. We sit around all this time of eat fruit. Not do much and you really sucks. I do and i'm really we entertained. I mean just looking at this zoom call like of all the floor. You're the one like really looks like animal that you said you kind of like going to be saving actually follow like these cartoon served on a on a g of pandas to just like do super should all day. I would not be shocked. If there was bamboo in that room somewhere he should take frigging red panda. At least they're cute. That's exactly why he ain't go. The red panda he wants to remember. Let's move on the next question. Go to alcoholic beverage. Let's start with the delo. Let's start off with the show. When is it going to be a net negative delo. I think i had it for the first time. Restaurant turns into a a club at night with ricky They mentioned it was like a go to drink or mexican guy. And it became my go-to drink a meal when you bought them. I wanted to give you the shirt to as like a shoe for value. This is a recent purchase at this. I we'll just mix up the order a little bit and we'll go down to echoes echoes. What you go to beverage kind of just depends but think something that i cannot turn down as Probably a good light beer shoot. what's go on. You know what this is weird. I was in vegas on my uncle's trae treating recommit close. That's all they had now kind of looks. I guess i'll go middle of ultra for now changes through here last year. Ricky me on a on those co- water distillery markham mule street every two weeks. That's an american meal. Ricky me personally. I'm a whiskey guy but if we're talking about like a midstream a whisky sour goes my go-to never go wrong with the classic. Every we're talking straight shot. I love that one. Reserve double goes so my go-to scotch particularly johnny walker Bad to be shots and specific rumour just like a generic round my mouth. Three xs on palms malibu tried. I tried lil wayne's version bumble Nago weird freaking families in mcgregor just sell his big old whiskey thing a lot of money at six hundred million. that's crazy. have you tried that at all. Yes i've heard regularly. It's not it's if you started would whiskies. It's a it's a good kind

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