A highlight from BK Recaps The Draft with Nick Kosmider


Heavy rainy monday broncos country. The draft came and went. And now the jeff driscoll era has also come and gone in denver as today. The broncos make it official releasing the fifth year and signing tight. End eric. sauber from the jags. Those moves aren't necessarily related. But they did happen on the same day. Jeff driscoll doesn't cost the broncos any money at two and a half million guaranteed that he got all of last year. The released will carry seven hundred thousand dollar cap hit. But that's nothing really to even write home about so jeff driscoll now. A free agent wants to teddy bridgewater. Trade happened or any other quarterback moved the broncos. We're gonna make you knew they would still keep ripping and certainly obviously drew lock. So you know that whether it was bridgewater trade draft or trade for a different player you would not see jeff driscoll and broncos uniform even throughout the spring and and into the summer training. But there's no reason to keep them round let him go. Try to catch on with another team and and see how that goes. So looking at the broncos draft. If you look at what i think. It was graded pretty highly. Pretty well there were plenty of folks who really liked what the broncos did with all their picks and were able to get over the quarterback selection rather the quarterback omission and the selection of pat ser tan. Junior we're gonna talk to. Nick owes minor of the athletic and get his take on the draft. But when you look at the grades across the board it's anywhere mostly as or bs a few season and nobody goes lower than that whereas you'll get some teams and it's low essentially. There's somebody who took the time to rate all of the drafts across the board kind of average amount then. It looks like the broncos the eleventh best draft based on the twenty or so mock drafts it that not mock draft rather draft grades. That were out there. Kind of the consensus From bravo ball focused the wringer usa today on some other sites as well. So it's not just random draft grades it's Pretty well established outlets across the league But a lot of as some and be minuses and a.

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