How has the Pandemic Affected Kids?

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No matter how old you are. living through. A global pandemic is bound to bring up a lot of different feelings. Our correspondent ryan nurse spoke to some kids about how they've been feeling during this past year. I can't think of a better way to get a sense of how kids are handling the pandemic psychologically than to just ask you our listeners and not surprisingly across the country many of you seem to be having very similar feelings from san jose california. I'm as eleven years old and something. That's been challenging over. The pandemic is not being able to go places and see my friends all the way across the country to touch in new jersey. Hi i'm brendan cannon. I'm twelve years old. Most challenging part of the pandemic is not seeing my friends and my grandparents and just a few hours away from brendon in brooklyn eight-year-old. Maisy errands sounds like. She's had just about enough for seven months. I didn't see anyone. It was very difficult. Not seeing friends. And if you think it's tough trying to see the friends you already have try making new ones. Like millions of americans twelve year old twin siblings caroline. And thomas love move during the pandemic from colorado to manhattan beach california. Thomas says part of the solution to those feelings of isolation was finding new ways to contact friends and spending time with family and his sister caroline agrees. I think that having technology that we've been using throughout the pandemic made it easier to still stay in touch with my friends. Maisy also moved temporarily from new york city with a population of over eight million people to washington connecticut with a population of thirty five hundred. I got to spend more time with my family. Anna's fun being candidate for awhile like willie like it there. So some of these pandemic changes ended up being positive for your mental health. Whether or not you move to the countryside it sounds like some of you started getting out of the house and being creative with all of that time a positive thing for me has been learning how to skateboarding getting better at guitar. I also skied so much this year. But regardless of how resilient you've all been there's no doubt that all of you are definitely ready for that wonderful mythical moment in time which we've all been waiting and waiting and waiting for when things return

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