Microsoft Sets out New Data Storage Options for European Customers


Microsoft president brad smith announced eu commercial and public sector. Customers will be able to store and process most of their data within the eu by the end of twenty twenty two microsoft calls this the eu data boundary for the microsoft cloud which will be available as an option across azer microsoft three six five and dynamics three six five microsoft or the guidelines by leading companies store their own data in the eu and the new plan exceeds legal requirements by including processing of personal data including data used by microsoft to provide technical supports. Ibm announced a two nanometer node. Chip can't get too much smaller. There's only two nanometers left claiming it offers forty five percent better performance at the same power compared to the current seven nanometer processes out there with a potential density of three hundred thirty three million transistors per square millimeter. Ibm did not announce details on the test ship or even when a two nanometer process would be ready for mass production. But the i believe the ibm press release read i billboard will publish a new daily chart ranking of the most popular songs in the us based on twitter conversations creatively called the billboard hot trending powered by twitter according to twitter's head of entertainment partnerships sarah rosen. Music is the most popular conversation topic on the platform. Twitter also announced new video partnerships to make live and on demand shows with billboard but also with genius refinery twenty nine tastes made the mlb nbc olympics and nbc universal news the nhl ride games and the wnba nintendo forecast a twelve percent drop in sales of the switch for the financial year ending march. Twenty twenty two because of expected lack of parts nintendo expects to sell twenty two point. Five million switches this year but that's compared to twenty eight point eight million last year. A nintendo also reported that it has now sold a total of eighty four point five nine million switches since launch

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