Biden Is Pushing For A Major Expansion Of Offshore Wind Energy


Today the white house announced in am vicious plan to expand the nation's use of offshore wind power it's part of president biden's campaign promise to create new jobs and tackle climate change by investing in green infrastructure. Npr's jeff brady joins us now and jeff. The us doesn't produce much wind energy at all right now. So what's the administration's plan. This is something that europe is far ahead on compared to the us Though several states have their own plans basically the administration is trying to make up for lost time so it setting a big goal. Thirty gigawatts of offshore wind power by twenty thirty. That's enough electricity to power more than ten million american homes for a year according to the white house now. Currently there's only one offshore project operating massachusetts and rhode island but they have to ramp up quickly to meet biden's climate goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector by twenty thirty five and fast change like that can make people uneasy especially in the fossil fuel industry. That's one reason white house. National climate adviser gina mccarthy focused her comments on opportunities. This is all about creating great jobs in the ocean and opposite cities and in our heart win all across america revitalize communities in particular those that have been left behind the administration says this expansion will support thirty two thousand construction and support jobs through twenty. Thirty mccarthy says some of those heartland jobs include manufacturing turbans making steel and building the special boats. It'll be needed now. The administration has this big goal for building a lot. More wind turbines. But how are they actually going to make that happen. The interior department is establishing a new wind energy area and the new york bite. And that's the relatively shallow water between long island and the new jersey coast. The agency is starting an environmental review process for the proposed ocean wind project off new jersey. Then they're looking at locations on both coasts and in the gulf of

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