A highlight from My Top 13 ENERGY Hacks. Become The Most Energized Person You Know + My Favorite Supplement For ADD! I'm Your Energy Dealer.

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Some of my top hacks for energy in full transparency. I have been a very hyper energized person. Since the day. I came out of my mom's hoo-ha okay i was born with. Add adhd and that was confirmed. A few months ago from the clinic went to the doctor ayman clinic and that was confirmed on my brain scan. I'll be doing an entire episode on. Add very soon but if you also have adhd or your children do or you and your children do number one you have to move. You have to move your body. You have to let your kids run around in circles in the backyard. Get them in sports. Let them move that energy because if you do have adhd and you are a naturally very high energy person if you do not expel that energy it ends up turning into anxiety or restlessness so as somebody who has a lot of energy. I do have to release that every day. And that is why exercise is is so important for everybody but even more so for people who have. Add adhd you have to get the body moving so number one. Move your body change your state move your body. Change your state. I love my mini trampoline. That is great for the lymphatic system. It's great for your joints. It's low impact. It gets the blood flowing. I got mine on amazon for like a hundred bucks. You can check it out. There's a link in my bio with my shop with all my favorite health products that i love but rebounding is so beneficial. Not only for lymphatic drainage and your immune system but it also is really good for your digestion. It's really fun. It's circulates oxygen throughout your body. And when i'm on zoom calls or meetings where. I don't have to turn the camera on. I'm jumping on mini trampoline. Even if that's five minutes here and there throughout the day it really changes my mood and it changes my energy so i'm obsessed with rebounding again. That's just a little tiny mini trampoline that you can put in your living room or your office. It's great for kids. It gets everything moving and especially if you are someone who cannot run or do high impact exercise. This is such a great option so again whether you have. Adhd or not. Move your body. Move your body move your body when you move your body you can change your state and another has changed my energy and changed my life. Get ready for this. Please do this and get back to me. I don't take any meeting sitting down. Unless i absolutely have to if i have to be on zoom and have my camera on and be sitting there i will but if not i will take the meeting while i'm walking outside so if you can take any of your meetings walking and you don't actually have to be on camera or you don't actually have to be sitting down for it then don't and i think a lot of times especially now with everybody working from home. I think we think that we have to be staring at each other all day. And we don't so much. My team knows that. I will always be on the meetings while i'm walking outside and they're just used to it now they just see me walking around versus me in my office and it's just helped me so much with my energy and sitting is just so bad for us. It's not good for our joints. It's not good for our energy. It's not good for our posture. So absolutely get a standing treadmill desk or take your meetings while you're walking outside next is identity identity and this isn't a biohacking we'll get into more biohacking second but this is really everything really embodying the identity of somebody who has energy. And if you didn't listen to this episode yet. With chris coaches go back and listen to the one i did with her all about energy and identity but a huge part of having energy is waking up every day. And reminding yourself that you are somebody with energy. You are somebody who brings excitement to every single project every single interaction and every single situation. And that's just a reframe. And so what i do is i literally have sticky notes all over my mir with things that i want to feel and believe and one of them is. I bring energy to every single person and every single situation. I was feeling kind of like a piece of poop before a press record today. But i looked at that sticky. No and i said to myself they deserve your energy. Go bring them passion. Go bring them energy. And this is something that i remind myself on a daily basis and pretty much morning when i'm brushing my teeth i look at that. It's fascinating what i've realized about energy. Is that a lot of its mental. Yes all of these wellness biohacking share with you our incredible and they are game changers but it starts in your head and it's really a game of of beliefs and identity and there are people who literally carry around the belief system that they are drained and they are tired and so then they remind their body and their cells every day that there are a tired exhausted person and they tell that to their spouse or their loved ones and their kids tired. I'm tired. I'm just tired always tired. Oh i'm tired. We're all just walk around saying i'm tired. What do you think's going to happen. We're going to be tired. You're reinforcing what you want at all times. I have to be honest. All of the things. I'm going to be sharing with. You are incredible. And they're great but you could take all the b-vitamins in the world and all the nutro picks and all the cold showers and all the meditation and eat all of the kale salads. And you can do all of the things but if you don't believe that you are somebody who can bring energy to this. Life is beautiful life that you've been given then you're never going to have energy a lot of it. It's a belief system. It's believing and reminding yourself that you came into this world with energy and you can keep bringing it and no matter what you believe in god universe source. I do believe that. God gives us this this energy that we are here to spread and to give to others and we don't give ourselves enough credit for for the energy that's inside of us

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