FEMA to open huge COVID vaccine site in Newark, New Jersey


Federally run Corona virus Vaccine clinic opens Monday in Newark on the campus of NJ I T Governor Phil Murphy announcing the site and noting it will be run staffed and supplied by FEMA eventually administering 6000 doses every day of the week. These 42,000 weekly doses will be above and beyond our state allocation. It will ramp up not on Monday, but over the next number of days. 6000 day and it will be in place for it least eight weeks. Murphy saying big picture, It helps boost access to the shot with a New jersey's largest city and will focus on ensuring vaccine equity and reaching deep into communities with higher risks of Iris exposure. James Footman w. O R Noon. New Jersey is lowering the vaccine eligibility age to 55 starting April 5th. Currently it's restricted to 65 up. While people with pre existing conditions and certain professions are also able to get the shot. The state will expand eligibility to new groups of workers as well on April 5th that'll include members of the media people with intellectual disabilities over the age of 16 engineers and higher education employees.

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