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There's a soviet film from nineteen seventy five called hedgehog in the fog. It's only ten minutes long. It's been called the best animated film of all time for the You're at your committee. Runco she said. I know surgeries now truly. Actually russian animation is a kind of an art. Form the cartoons. They're they're made without the restrictions that your typical american cartoons are like they don't have to be twenty six minutes long space for commercials didn't have to have these continuation of a story. Once the episode this over backing the soviet russia the cartoons were made purely as a way to sort of entertain the kids of course but also as a kind of as kind of arts. They were only as long as they needed to be. The only told the story the way it ought to be told without anything else. And i think people who have seen them. They would easily agree with my statements. It's really something to be seen in may of nineteen twenty eight. Mickey mouse was introduced by walt disney within a few years. Disney animation's were so popular that they're being shown around the world including at a film festival in moscow in nineteen thirty three soviet viewers including joseph stalin fell in love the slogan. Give us a soviet. Mickey mouse became popular and three years later in nineteen thirty six the animation studio so use multiple opened in moscow. A version of it still exists today and many of the films are admired for their sophistication and lack violence as one director. Put it in our films. There's always been less aggression. We stake darla not on action but on psychology humor and a dialogue with the viewer. It came out of the tradition of russian folktales hedgehog in the fog follows a worried seeming hedgehog who gets lost in a thick fog. He surprised by all the animals. He encounters who he writes a fish even by the end when he safe. It doesn't feel like a happy ending definitely not a disney ending in the final frames. The hedgehog is still anxious

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