San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles Make NFL Draft Trades


Not in season. But March has been mad for the league, especially this week here, Schefty with what all went down. What happened here is that the 40 Niners have been trying to move up in the draft into the top five, frankly, for the last few weeks now, and they were able to cold together a deal with the Miami Dolphins at the same time that the Dolphins were going together a separate deal. With the Philadelphia Eagles that enabled the 40 Niners toe move up the third overall position to take a quarterback. And that means in all probability that we're gonna have quarterbacks go with the first three picks in this draft. We would think Trevor Laurence goes one Zack Wilson to and then the 40. Niners would have their choice. Assuming they stand three for the third quarterback in this draft. I would not dismiss Mack Jones in that conversation. Like Trey, Lance. They like Justin Fields. They're going to continue to do more and more work here in the weeks leading up to the draft, but they wanted to get into this slot now. So that they could have their choice at three. Knowing that they would get one of these quarterbacks a lot of people then wonder what happens to Jimmy Garoppolo. Sure, they're gonna be trading him right? Not so fast, because they believe that this is a Super Bowl caliber roster, and they're not ready to hand that roster toe a young rookie quarterback who's unproven just yet. So in their minds today, Jimmy Garoppolo is going to be a quarterback and opening day, and that's not a leverage play. That's not them trying to bait another team into giving up more compensation for Jimmy Garoppolo. Their true honest plan today is to have Jimmy Garoppolo as the starting quarterback. Have the first round draft pick that they take a quarterback learn for a year and then eventually it will be his job in San Francisco going forward. We have

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