What the Deal to Legalize Marijuana Means for New Yorkers


Cuomo reportedly struck a deal yesterday. To begin the process of legalizing recreational cannabis for adult use. In New York state proponents contend that opening the state up to legal weed will create an industry that will generate tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in tax revenue for the state. Yesterday's agreement specifically addresses the punishing toll that the uneven enforcement of low level marijuana offenses in the state has had on poor black and brown communities. It includes a provision to re invest millions in tax revenue generated from cannabis sales. Into these communities, and the state plans to set aside a portion of business licenses for people of color and women. Now, these plans have generally not produced the intended equity results. In other legal weed states. So can New York do better? What are the terms of the agreement? Why now? And when will you be able to walk into a store and buy some with me now on these questions, and more is Alice and Martin, co founder of Cannabis Wire, a news organization covering the cannabis industry nationally and globally she's been described as the queen of the we'd beat. And she's monitoring the legislative proceedings in Albany. Very closely. Hi, Alison. Welcome back to W. N Y. C. Hey, Brian. Thanks for having me. I always love coming back and let's start with that basic last question first, if this does pass next week. When can people walk into a store or I guess they'll be called dispensaries and buy marijuana products illegally. Well, you know, I don't have a crystal ball like anyone else. But I would say Ballpark at least a year, maybe two years. It takes time to get the market up and running. It takes that much time. Well, rulemaking. Of course, that's that's really the sort of sausage maker after bills passed, then you know a lot of lot of heads, get into the room and figure out sort of the nitty gritty details. Will there be any

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