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Going on on the ground. What's happening with the response times? And why is the system so choked up to the point? This morning. We're going to be hearing from Broda well, so unannounced, but this morning on hotel quarantine will not hotel client in quarantine. But not of you, as you know that before, and that's a stand alone facility. Somewhat isolated. An air gapped is separated facility which just might be one of the routes out off this pandemic that, of course, in the vaccination program your calls this morning as well. 1 300 people to 774. Can't wait to hear from you. James Hancock is here with news headlines. Thanks, James I Virginia the Victorian government is said to make an announcement as early as today about the side of a purpose built quarantine hub for returns travelers. It's understood Assad has been chosen at McCullum or Milburn's northern fringe. It would provide single story accommodation for returns travelers away from central Melbourne and further improve ventilation. Millions of people in India have registered to get their coronavirus fact same as the country prepares to enter an ambitious new face, but many also struggled to register for the mass vaccination program. Judah start next month after the website crashed. And the federal treasurer says he wants to drive the unemployment right down to below pre pandemic levels. The unemployment right is currently 5.6% but just fried, Enberg says New modeling suggests that figure will need to have a four in front of it before inflation and wages accelerate. Sunny today in Melbourne a top off 19 degrees right now. 10 degrees I have mornings at nine, ABC Radio Milburn traffic. Morning and spread Donald from the Department of Transport. Avoid the Models Freeway for coming in from the Southeast. This morning. There's been a truck fire just after 6 30 it occurred. Still, investigations continue The tour acro two left lanes closed and delays a slightly back before Blackburn road odor heading over analogy or inbound trip. Used the princes highway and dented on road. Instead, lot of people finding other alternatives, including brightened rodents and kill the road. It's building the pinion highway further back on the highway, also struggling as his theory Eastern Freeway carrying a lot more traffic this morning at a stop start run from Springville Road right through the Oh Hodel Street and Alexandra Parade. Do power bypass, still easing out front earlier collision. The Robinson tried, but all lanes are open there now and if you're taking the public transport we've got made to delays for the summary line of up to 25 minutes from the earlier operational incident, Let's now for announcements and check the PTV Apple website for details. Also, I'm out of the life of the KREE given and upfield lines as Aziz connected to the summary line Delays again. Check the PTV Apple website. That's the latest traffic. It's 27 to 9. Jinya Trio early morning on ABC Radio Melvin I hope that you or someone you know, don't have a

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