A highlight from 1510: 5 Major Money Mistakes I've Made And How You Can Avoid Them by Andy Hill of Marriage Kids and Money


A lot of really great things that are going on in my life like paying off our mortgage early net worth winds in transitioning to my small business full-time while that news is fun to share and can be motivating for those of you reading my blog. I think it's also important to share some of my money mistakes as well. That's what the financial journey is all about. We're not always hitting big wins all the time. There are a lot of mistakes but those mistakes can sometimes be the biggest lessons and help us learn a lot and then there are mistakes that just really suck and you don't learn anything from them. Here are five major money mistakes. I've made in my life hopefully by sharing these money mistakes. It'll help you avoid them in the future number one buying expensive home. I couldn't afford in two thousand and four. I bought my first home. I was so proud to be a homeowner at twenty two years old little. Did i know the true cost of homeownership and man. Did i learn quickly when i bought the home. I put only ten percent down. So i had some pretty high mortgage payments for a guy only making thirty eight thousand dollars per year. My mortgage payment was around twelve hundred dollars. When i decided that. I wanted to switch careers at twenty three years old. I took a pay cut of about ten thousand dollars. I did not think clearly about my mortgage payment. When i made that decision. This became money. Decision left me with a mortgage payment around fifty percent of my monthly income. Add in the housing costs and that was about seventy percent of my income when all was said and done i had about thirty percent of my tiny income to eat. Watch net netflix. This was when they were sending the dvd's in the mail and get a few

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