A highlight from Ari Cagan


You made it weird with the homesick. What's happening weirdos. This is a very interesting episode. This ari kagan highschool dropout. Who i was introduced to the first thing is i. I was very interested that he dropped out of high school. Because he's doing quite well for himself. So that was sort of my point of interest but i learned more and more about the guy very very interesting fellow introduced to me by adam mckay adam mckay said i really think you should have this guy on Adams got great knows for interesting people. And i'm so glad that i had already on and i'm so glad that you guys are tuning in to listen to this chap arias a host of his own. Podcast called things you don't need to know which is wonderful and covers each week things. You really don't need to know we get into that in this episode. He's also prolific entrepreneur and youtuber as well and i think he's destined for great things and i'm so excited to have A young fresh interesting voice here on the pod.

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