Vernon Jordan Shares Experiential Nuggets on Business, Civil Rights

In Black America


Vernon jordan. Junior has been called the rosa parks of american business born on august fifteenth nineteen thirty five in atlanta georgia. Jordan is a civil rights. Icon business consultant influential. Powerbroker jordan is a graduate of depaul university way earned a political science degree in nineteen fifty seven and howard university. School of law. Never want to sit on the sideline and nineteen fifty one. He helped desegregate colleges and universities in georgia from one thousand nine hundred sixty one to nineteen sixty three. He was the field secretary. For the national association. For the advancement of colored people in georgia and nineteen seventy jordan became executive director of the united negro college fund and nineteen seventy-one. He became president of the national urban league. He held that position for ten years on may twenty ninth. Jordan was shot and seriously wounded outside. The hotel in fort wayne indiana. This incident became the first story covered by cnn. And as we all know by now join me. Came close confidant and political advisor to president. Bill clinton this past spring. Jordan was a keynote speaker at the summit on race in america held at the lbj presidential library on the campus of the university of texas at austin. The following is an expert of that reason. Tation now let me explain to situation. You are in with me this morning. And i can only explain it by telling you a true story. I'm a member of the african methodist episcopal. Church all my life. And that was this young pastor who just graduated from seminar and the bishop assigned him to a church and a small town in georgia to begin his pastoral ministry

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