QAnon and Antifa: Who, What, And Why?


Cunanan and antifa. That's who were sucking today. True groups of extremist thoughts one typically associated with the far left. One typically associated with the far-right both blame for a lot over this past year including inciting violence especially regarding the storming of the us capitol building this past january. Sixth cunanan says left wing and t extremists. Did it to make them look bad and says cunanan did it all by themselves. Who's right and who the hell are the people who belong to these groups. What do these two groups believe that. Some of what we're looking into today. Cunanan group that emerged from a series of two thousand seventeen posts on the image board website. Four chan by a mysterious figure named q who claim to be a figure high up in the government who knew about all sorts of being done by the deep state including child sex trafficking harvesting adrenaline from frightened to lead satanic sex rituals and replacing murdered politicians with clones in industry of q influencers and interpreters followed bakers who gobbled up to brad crump drops and broke down queues cryptic messages on youtube and other platforms and a lot of different background and political beliefs. They all seem to agree. Politicians and elites are in a global in satanic sex trafficking cabal and donald trump will be the one to stop them and tika is an anti-fascist leaderless collective that makes itself known whenever anyone they consider a fascist or at all associated with the far right or white supremacy comes to town using a variety of tactics including pressuring venues to shut down and in some cases looting and straight up violence and teeth emerges and acts on the belief that if they don't fight fire with fire. they're simply going to become victims of intolerant nationalistic fascism. Down the road. Both of these groups have drawn a lot of media attention over the last year. Both groups have been interesting to look at this past week. Today you will learn about. The history of both antifa and cunanan was born in europe over a century ago. The other was born on the web. Just a few years ago and both have clashed violently. Several times in recent years and both groups have been pretty quiet january sixth

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