Kansas City Chiefs Trade for Baltimore Ravens Tackle Orlando Brown


In the NFL is the trade between the Kansas City Chiefs in the Baltimore Ravens. So Kansas City. I'm sure you saw on the Super Bowl. Is very deficient at offensive line. And this off season, they have been doing a pretty complete and massive overhaul of their offensive line. From the A F C championship game. Super Bowl. The Kansas City Chiefs are going to have five new offensive lineman. Their entire starting offensive line is going to be different than it was last season. We don't gotta get into the nitty gritty of it, but I am really surprised. That the Baltimore Ravens Would help the Kansas City Chiefs. If you are the Ravens And you are making a list. Of your biggest competitors in the A. F. C. Isn't Kansas City at the top of the list. If you're Baltimore And You're doing your due diligence, So you know your strengths and weaknesses. And also in the opposition. You know Kansas cities as well. They do not have a left tackle. They also selected 31. 31 is not where you're going to find your day one starter at that position. You could find day one starters at 31. A lot of other positions, but you're not finding it. At left tackle. Well,

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