You've Been Using To Do Lists Wrong - Here's Why


I'm not going to be telling you to never do a to do list again. That would be absolute madness because making lists is important. And i'm a big fan of list making and like we talked about at. The beginning of this episode to do lists are really simple. There are great way to capture ideas and action steps but if we don't use them effectively and we end up using them the wrong way they can actually create a lot more stress and overwhelm in our lives to do list items also and creating more work for a sometimes because they give the appearance of an actionable task when many of them are actually either one of the following there. Either one a project in disguise that is comprised of hundreds of sub tasks or to a task dependency that requires something before it can even be started such as more information decisions that you might need to make or an action step from another person or team member so i actually no longer work from to do this. And here is why to this or captured lists of your brain processing information. So ideas priorities action items but to do list. Don't give you the structure you need to take action efficiently and effectively in many ways to list actually stall your momentum and keep you from getting anything done. Or they perpetuate work from scattered and disorganized place where you may find yourself task switching from one thing to the next without knowing what direction your going with war. What or where you're going to end up now before you think. I'm saying to never used to do this. Which i'm not. Let me share a press perspective shift with you. That's gonna show you what to do. This actually are and how many of us may have been using them the wrong way for quite some

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