A Look Back at the Life of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh


At the age of 99 Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh husband, England's Queen Elizabeth, the second longest serving spouse of a reigning British monarch. Morning grease in 1921 into a royal family with Danish and German ties. He was also a great great grandson of Britain's Queen Victoria. He would go to school in England and went on to serve in the British Royal Navy during World War two. He married Elizabeth the daughter, then King George, the sixth in 1947 in 1952. Elizabeth became Queen and Philip became Queen Consort in that role on his own and accompanying his wife, Prince Philip traveled the world. He was a strict but loving father to Prince Charles, Princess Anne. Differences. Andrew and Edward. One of his last major appearances, was that the 2011 wedding of his grandson William, to Kate Middleton, at that event, as always, he was at the side of his wife. His loyal and ceaseless support for her for the royal institution and for Britain itself was his hallmark and legacy. In London. Greg Palkot, Fox News governor to Santa says it's time to set

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