A highlight from New Music Friday: April 9


As benny seeing says albums simply called music. This song we're hearing from an is called nobody's fault. He's a dutch singer. He's originally from amsterdam. Put out records for nearly twenty years. Now he has said that he wants to make music just gives people light and air to just make people feel better and man. I thought that is exactly what he does on this record. Exactly like just got the vaccine. And then like before the pandemic to california and i was like this is a perfect track record. Where my vacation. Yeah it was like. I want to go to venice beach. I want to go to santa monica. But when i was record kind of reminds me of yacht rock meet soul. That makes sense. Yeah hear that had a has this. Like i think of cross but like more soul more kinda funky funky i call it yet soul funk a little a little odd too because i think that like i love the bounce to these to. These songs are super breezy and carefree. That's the i think maybe the rock side of it but there's also just something a little odd maybe it's just his voice but something a little off that gives the whole listening experience just more color and character. It's fresh sunshine. I was generally smiling. I don't normally like most of my smiles is forced in my life. I fly during the pandemic d- but this one like i just started smiling like i was. I was happy. And i was like singing along like kids. The song kids. That's that's so it's just such sweet reflection on childhood and that's something else that stood out to me on the record. Just how kind it is just the kindness the goodness and kindness in these songs. And it's a an album. We need right now. The album is called music from the artist. Known as benny sings. And tariq we're gonna talk more in the second half of the show because there are a couple more albums that i know. You wanna play. But i i want to bring on. Npr music contributor christina lee christina. Hi robyn. It's a big week for br captain fans christina. The band is back with its sixth album and just four years. It's called roadrunner. New light new machine myself. I see a broken man remains off the glove to was head. Nothing never go with plan. Couldn't make amends both elite. Pretend i don't give it. At a law aimless six feet deep suffocate face. It can't change. it ain't make masterplans. The may feel safe. fraction train. Alcohol and pills deadly combination with haven was paid for some places broken fragments of bumpy and kiss myself beside myself. I see you know you care temple when i heard the news due to speak one last time because on bloody bags rothko fragments in the ceiling. Doug your presence in the room. My mother squealing masterwork. This god does ask us to black and now pleading now solace within the shadow people in lille to people over your this is brock camped in the band rockhampton. Their new album is called roadrunner new light new machine. The song we're hearing from it is called. The light. Rockhampton released the first single from this album. It's the song best cut. It dropped in late. May it made me think that there was going to be a lot of grits and bluster on the record but overall this is a very contemporary introspective record. Yes definitely while the world was in lockdown. Brock kempton had a chance to release it with their emotions. There's always been this sort of forlorn quality to their music where they've talked about being ostracized or otherwise being the outcasts in their own particular way. But i think with this album what we're hearing for. The first time is them sort of tracing this forlorn quality back to their respective backgrounds with each individual member. And so i think from that perspective this be the most autobiographical record that we've heard from brought kempton in some of the details on this record. Were really really just so hard to hear the the song light that we played in another track called the light part. Two is all about the vocalist job in the band and the fact that his father took his own life last year. suu heartbreaking. you interns abroad. Can't and i think kevin abstract has always been the most brutally honest member giving these really striking confessions. But as you said we're getting to hear from other members getting to hear them being just as raw and honest with their stories and i think the progression of this album seemed really really deliberate. Because as you're getting into the beginning it's super hypothesis. I think that's where it gets the most feature heavy. 'cause you got like danny brown ace at rocking into songs. Asset virg- thin. What we're hearing is as the light as they approaching the light so to speak. That's where i guess. The more boy band influences start to come in a little bit. I think after hearing a lot of memories that are so greedy so raw and so personal it kind of felt like we were stepping into the light in that moment brought captain is the ban. Their new album is called roadrunner new light new machine. Okay another one out. Now on april ninth. That we're loving is a new. Mix tape from the rapper leukemia.

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