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To the airport and a week. That changed the face of the royal family forever. We'll be taking a look back at the life and legacy of prince philip who passed away at the age of nine thousand nine on friday april. The nineth over the episode ahead will be taking a look. Back has military career his achievements as the duke of edinburgh. But of course also. He's seventy three year marriage to the queen that started with a fairytale romance. We'll be hearing all of that later on. But of course today started with a very somber announcement from buckingham palace with the statements. Recent on behalf of the queen that announced the death of her beloved husband. They give the details that he passed away peacefully in the morning. Windsor castle and of course it followed three weeks Reunited with the queen after that month. Long visit to hospital well as the news broke. World leaders rushed to pay their respects starting with british prime minister. Boris johnson who mourned in statement remarking that he'd earned the affection of generations in the uk and around the world adding that the royal family has lost not just a much loved and highly respected public figure but a devoted husband and a proud and loving grandfather father and in recent years. Great grandfather in a statement from president. Joe biden him. First lady dr jill biden. They remembered philip and praised. His years of devoted public service saying that his legacy will not only live on through his family. But in all the chargeable endeavors he shapes and there were many of them. Eight hundred thirty charities and organizations that he supported during his sixty five years as the juke of edinburgh. We also saw former president. Barack obama will say pay his respects reflecting on philip and the queen's grace and generosity during his first meeting with the couple here in the u. k. That was an instagram post That he shed on side a photo of that first visits now while all of this happened behind the scenes funeral plans were already set in motion. As the queen also entered an eight day period of mourning following the death of this basically means that will refrain from carrying out any royal duties during this time. Affairs of state will be put on pause but it also leads up to the funeral will take place as georgia's chapel windsor castle. This is not the state funeral. That prince philip worried the half in fact for those that didn't know he was very involved in the planning of his own funeral working alongside the lord chamberlain's office buckingham palace for him. It was making sure that it was a fuss free occasion. One that really focuses on family and friends coming together to pay their respects. And of course because of the coronavirus pandemic and in light of current government advice and social distancing guidelines.

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