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Hey Julie, it's Friday April 9th. And I finally am quite proud of myself about what well this particular topic. These points have been sitting on my pile off podcast ideas. Well, really my pile of podcasting ideas for months. Maybe three months. This is a good topic. I like it. Yeah, and this is something I've been working on on and off but and as I was writing this morning I actually was refining it even more but I think these are really good points because it'll help folks when we do show us the topic of today's show is called do you truly have what it takes to succeed the point of these Point obviously is for you to gut check yourself because it's all too easy, especially rolling into the spring where it's going to feel like it's going to be another crazy seller's market because it is but it's too easy to sort of get lost in the day-to-day and you could lose track of really, you know, what mission you're on and then all of a sudden you're finding yourself on somebody else's mission, right? In other words, you're losing track of why you got into real estate. You're losing track of your own goals. You're losing track of in many ways you feel Jack if your sanity so what we're going to do is we're going to go through these lists of I think it's going to end up being twenty points and these twenty points are really designed to be a gut check something for you to you know, just ask yourself and ask yourself the hard questions. She's the and obviously we're always about no BS cutting through the fluff. We're not necessarily trying to make you feel good just for a temporary hit of motivation. We're trying to make you feel good because what you learn from today's podcast in our coaching in general then has a direct, you know direct deposit impact on your business and personal life. So these questions albeit or these suggestions and thoughts albeit very direct. I think if you'll allow again if you allow yourself to ask these questions of yourself or how these thoughts unfiltered answered within your own head you're going to actually have this be a very meaningful podcast before we get to the first one. Yes. She had your Excel presentation in exp world go today. What did you present on I presented on spokes in the wheel otherwise known as having multiple sources of leads coming in for Thurs. Primarily listings which will of course bring you buyers, but you know we talked about spokes in the wheel in the Harris Rules book in the real estate treasure map all the things that we present. These guys are mostly familiar with that. But I think a fair amount of crowd hadn't heard that before so that was good. We talked about how everyone and their brother tries to sell you the easy button and everybody wants to believe which is why some of you by that stuff that there is some Easy Button out there that if you just pay this company this amount they will rain leads upon you and sometimes it actually seems like they are until you call and complain and they'd say, well those are Impressions or something like that and really talking about shutting all of that out in the difference between kind of that random shotgun approach versus controlling your business with having the skill to be able to set qualified list of appointments at will that was you know, that was a lot and 1/2. Yeah. That was a lot know you were in for a little thing that worried tried. Yeah. It was a lot though. Yeah. That's a good topic. Well spokes in the wheel is one of the chapters in our book home. Rules if you've not if you're looking for some light weekend reading yes, but it's also available on Audible. Make sure you guys get Harris rules to sign available at Amazon Barnes & Noble by understanding a lot of Barnes and Nobles are reordering. So Amazon's going to be your essentially at the guarantee that you're going to get the book and obviously if you're like, Julie and I were you listen to a lot of books and frankly podcasts audible is available for you to listen to our rules as well. All right, so do you truly have what it takes to succeed now don't get caught on these words having presented in Spokane and Coach to agents for just billions like two decades. Now with a lot of you guys are going to get stuck on the word succeed you're going to say success is different for one person to the next. So let's actually Define what success is just so we can make this very very clean and we don't have to go and start letting you know words. So Success is Not it for the sake of our presentation today success is essentially where you have essentially earned the right to be rich and free success is where you've earned birth. Right to be no longer beholden to actually having to do the things in life that you don't want to do when you don't want to do them at the highest level. In other words, you've gotten to the point where you helped enough people accomplish their goals in life that you can do actually start spending ninety percent of your time on this planet focused on what you want to do when you want to do it at whatever level you want to do it. So that is how we're going to you know, that's the definition of success for today's probably tomorrow. Well Monday's podcast. Yes twenty points that will probably be a two to three parts show. Yeah, you know, I reread these when you sent them to me and what I really like about these points is that yes absolutely all of them apply to real estate professionals, but look at the title. Do you really have what it takes to succeed this applies to anybody anywhere and you know, we have listeners literally all over the planet. Yeah. So but this is one of those podcasts are podcast series that applies to 100% of our listeners.

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