Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, dies at 99

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Sements. That are being made for the duke of edinburgh. That wouldn't have been the case. Had not been for the pandemic across all the royal residences a union flags. That's the national flag have been flying at half mast although the royal standard continues to fly windsor castle. Where the queen is of course currently in residents as i said this is a funeral. That will happen. That keeps within the wishes of philip. Who wanted a royal ceremonial funeral and not state funeral. That also means that he will not lie in state. They're still many details about the funeral to come from the palace over the days ahead and that is all currently being put together In accordance with government we of course are still in the national lockdown here in the uk and that also thanks travel restrictions which will also have an impact on. Who can attend that royal ceremonial funeral. Because of course it is still tradition for heads of state across the commonwealth to be in attendance but with current travel restrictions is not known how that might work of course at the same time prince harry as far as we know is still in california and i'm sure he'll be doing everything he can to make sure he's at the funeral of his grandfather as well. If there's anything that we know it was that he was incredibly close to prince philip something. He spoke very openly about on his recent james corden appearance about their zoom calls together. We're gonna take a look at the incredible life of the f- edinburgh a man who was born prince of greece and denmark. His family's villa on the island of corfu on june tenth nineteen twenty one well earlier. Today i caught up with royal author robert jobson to dive deeper into the world of prince philip. His new book prince philip century. The extraordinary life of the you could edinburgh tells the full story of his remarkable life and achievements and how often marrying a young princess elizabeth ten from dedicated military man to royal consorts to queen elizabeth. The second you spent a lot of time really sort of immersing yourself in his world and his life and retracing some really important footsteps demand that he was when he passed away is very different to the man who married the queen. Could you tell us a bit about his journey. Sort of as moving from just philip to the edinburgh up very sad. I i think when a person of ninety nine one hundred dollars you should be looking at the achievements of a good life lived long and i think that's what most people are now. He's he was this dashing. Very well connected very regal bloodline. He's people say that he was better. The greek royal family but

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