The Human Labor Behind Artificial Intelligence


If you think artificial intelligence you may think either of faceless software making decisions or maybe robots with flashing eyes and waving arms behind this advanced technology can be intensive human labor marketplace's china correspondent jennifer. Pack takes us to a data labeling center in henan province cities priciest blocking some two dozen. People stare at st photos on their computer screens. Louis team draws a square around an electric bike. Choya showman sean. I'm labeling vehicles on the yes people in all different colors said purple for bikes for humans. Baby blue for three wheelers. These data labels she says will help. Train say a driverless car to identify and avoid hitting other vehicles. Are humans next photo same street. Different angle car by human repetitive work. But the pay is good. Says another employee putin balti- you do chinese have. My salary is at least eleven thousand dollars a year average wage here in law. Young is half that he says he goes through thousands of photos a day the more data he labels the faster machines. Learn artificial intelligence takes a lot of manpower. The firm has one hundred and fifty staff plus fifty thousand other part time. Workers thingy is a director with the data labeling also warmer you're gonna says we also cooperate with some schools and even prisoners in data labeling. Prison labor is common in china as part of the rehabilitation process called reform through labor. The us bans imports of products made with prison labor. But this firm says it only services chinese clients. Though in june hopes to expand overseas because competition within china is fierce

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