Why Jewish Fiction? With David Hirshberg

Judaism Unbound


Hershberg welcome to judaism unbounded so great to have you. Thank you very much. It's nice to be we both of you. Well where starting this kind of series which is distributed through the next few months where we're talking to a number of authors of fiction from a jewish perspective or from a jewish point of view or about the jewish experience Last week we talked to some folks who are earlier in their lives who are writing fiction and this week. We're talking with you. Who is somebody who came to write fiction after a long career as moore. I'm wondering a little bit if you could talk about where that impulse to write. Fiction comes from at this stage of your life and you're trying to do by now becoming a novelist. I spent a career in in biotech developing drugs and about four or five years ago. I decided that i needed something. A second act in. I always wanted to write and fishing was what i wanted to write so i decided to do something i wrote. I wrote it off. And when i was finished with our very proud and then did probably the best thing i've ever done. I deleted it. It was one hundred. Twenty four thousand words and out of that between fifteen. Eighteen hundred words were preserved and those preserved words went into my first book called my mother son which came out three years ago. The decision to to write was one that. If i didn't start doing it. I would have one of these regrets. Later on rai would say. Oh i could have done this. I'm so disappointed. I didn't do that. And the worst thing would happen. Since i did on my own was it wouldn't be very good and no one else would no. I wouldn't suffer any of the negative consequences. I was lucky when i sent chapters around to people who said they likely very much and they continued to push me to write at. That was at the same time. I was leaving last. Ceo job in biotech. And so now. I have more time to write. Although i'm advising a few companies now it doesn't take too much.

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