A highlight from MURDERED: Rosie Tapia

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And i'm brett and today i wanna tell you about a case that represents more than anything else. Innocence shattering in the face of the worst kind of evil. No one likes to think that a child tucked away asleep in their family's home is anything other than perfectly safe. But when one little girl vanishes from her bedroom in the middle of the night only to be found murdered. Her entire community is forced to recognize that. The worst really is possible. This is the story of rosie toppy On the evening of august twelfth nineteen ninety-five in salt lake city utah. A woman named leann. Toppy is home in her basement apartment. Getting ready to have a saturday date night with her husband. Roberto and girl is ready for a night out. She's got two older daughters from a previous relationship. And she and roberto have three little kids under the age of seven like her daughter rosa. Who they call. Rosie is only six and then her twins remember in anjelica are four so tonight is louie night like she is going to get dolled. She's going to be lean like yes not mom for an i. I totally not. What karaoke was for me. Yes they're gonna go out dancing and while they're gone leans eighteen year old daughter. Amelia is staying home to babysit the little ones after doing one. Final check in the mirror to make sure she looks great from every angle lurlene kisses. Her kids goodbye grabs her purse and heads out with her husband. Nothing from research says exactly what time they leave home but lewin and her husband danced the night away just like they planned and when they finally get back home to the heartland apartments around two thirty am that morning the first thing she does is go to peek in on her kids carefully so she doesn't wake them up. Louise goes in their room even though she knew nothing was wrong. She still is just comforted to see. Rosie angelica and robert all sound asleep in their room. According to joshua be goods reporting for the salt lake tribune louis notices that the kids crack the window in their room to help cut through the utah summer heat so she goes over to close it almost all of the way but she doesn't shut it all the way because she knows if she pulls it too tightly will latch and that noise might wake up the kids. Oh totally that's the same reason. I know exactly which floorboards in my house creaky. Yeah once they're up. They're not going back to bed to hawaii so wing closes. The curtains gives each one of her kids. A kiss and then goes to bed leaving the kids door open like she always does in case one of them needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. She gets a few hours sleep but then sometime between five and five thirty on sunday morning something wakes her up. In those hazy. Few seconds as she's getting her bearings this uneasy. Feeling settles deep in her gut and suddenly louis is wide awake. She gets up to check on the kids but as soon as she gets into the hallway. She sees something strange. The bedroom door is now closed. The feeling in louis gut gets stronger. Something feels off here. Something she can't quite put her finger on and she needs to see her babies to know that they're okay but when. Leanne opens the door to their room instead of finding three peacefully sleeping children. She finds every parent's worst nightmare. The twins are still there but rosie is gone even worse the window that same window that she pulled down just a few hours earlier is wide open. The screens missing and one of the curtains is partly detached and laying there on the floor with the blinds. Lewin screams for her daughter through the panic. That's threatening to eat her alive. She start searching all over the apartment for any sign of rosie anything to show. Her baby is safe anything to show that this isn't really happening. Her husband and her daughter. Amelia are right alongside her and they turn the apartment inside out looking for rosie but it is no use and finally around six. Am lurlene calls. The police to report missing salt lake city.

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