SIA 777 Stopped Climb at 500ft After Crew's Waypoint Entry


Okay first up. We have an incident. A singapore airlines triple seven stopped. Climb at five hundred feet after the cruise way point. Entry error pilots. Of a singapore airlines boeing triple seven three hundred eighty are inadvertently entered an incorrect waypoint altitude constraint prior to departure resulting in several alerts from the ground proximity warning system as the aircraft climbed out of shanghai prudan. The is put on the. That's what it's going to be exactly right The takeoff runway assign had been changed from three or four left three five right which meant that. The aircraft standard departure route switched from hotel sierra november two x to hotel sierra november. One to this requires updating the flight management computer with a new departure route. The first way point on this route identified as papa delta zero six two did not have any speed or altitude crossing constraint which meant that the field on the computers route display was blank. Although this is not abnormal the captain quote preferred to have the speed constraint explicitly displayed says the singaporean transport safety investigation bureau and its inquiry into the second of september. Twenty nineteen incident. He decided to enter the speak constraint of two hundred and fifty knots as shown on the departure charts the triple seven's flight management computer required speed constraints to have a corresponding altitude constraint. So the captain chose to enter five hundred a meaning that the papa delta zero six two point should be crossed at five hundred feet or above but the captain inadvertently mis-keyed typing five hundred rather than five hundred a which neither crew member noticed. This error meant that the aircraft's autopilot would limit the aircraft of five hundred feet ahead of the way point crossing

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