A highlight from Janis Joplin Episode 5: Shaking Off the Feds, Hustling the Locals, and Kicking the Habit

27 Club


Janice jackson died at the age of twenty seven and she lived the life. That didn't always turn out the way she thought it would. I can give you twenty seven reasons. Why that statement is sixteen would be the age. She was when she first discovered a world outside of her segregated white picket fence hometown. A world of gambling clubs wild bars and strip joints places where kids her age simply didn't go. Another one would be the number of secret surveillance files. Her name would be found on at the university of texas unknown to her. And yet the other students targeted for everything from log two sympathizing with communists one more would be the number of breakout folk music stars. She would have serendipitous counter with the inaugural monterey folk festival where she won in open mic contests. Another four would be the number of months. She'd spend in new york city haunting bars and hustling pool in the lower reside. In order to fund a runaway speed habit and five would be the number of years she had left to live at a. She woke up from the misery of drunk detox. Only to find that the people she thought she knew had been playing her

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