A highlight from Bitcoin Looks Ready To Blow


Wall Get out. Gordon welcomes cope Podcast on this on monday here. In the city of sydney weekend to all the ladies out there has got children aside that with absolute admiration and respect as i bring you. This podcast. stars. Were caught a little kids at one of. Them's gonna call the other woman. While the other one decided she wasn't going to go to school and daddy hasn't had enough sleep last for is For the moment and currently outside being asked to clean up and screaming body so absolute admiration and respect for any parent to be honest. That's out there. Getting their best shot. They can be mongrels at times. Pricks shitheads boston's full which don't side of their vices. But you know what i'm saying. Anyway we start the week off with bitcoin. Pretty olsen spot. Yeah a man with just about the well. I shouldn't say we just about to do anything really shooter approaching that sixty grand mock once again. We tapped just shot fifty nine seven five one today. It's up one point. Five percent fifteen onto hundreds willie up loving look on the weekly. I'm loving local on the on the daily show with bill. Up you know a consolidation. It's a flat level to try. That looks very strong. If it breaks up it really does look strong. I can say it having a very good move if we can get up and suck some of that dominance back because it's sitting at like forty four percent which is very very low for bitcoin across all markets have been moving very very well lightly as well which i do like to see so. It's just a matter of time. I believe that time is Very very soon because it. He's looking very very good. The next week got not top. Tens of theory of courses pushed a new all-time highs today currently at you on his full thousand one hundred twenty nine. Us dollars five percents. Today i am looking for opportunities. If you haven't got the chance yet gone jump onto my facebook. Whatever social and you'll get to see the video before explained bitcoin in a bit more data weisloch for a move hard break sixty thousand and exactly what. I'm looking at an stoking. A theory of the monarch for try It's just been on a great run on just wide pullbacks. Really up fought the centcom complain. Exile pays at three point seven percent adult fifty nine room to move up to just the way that it is being sort of a. If you look at that video. I did Fifty x you'll notice italian coverage how far these markets have moved and some of them. Have i really hope you can hear more screaming kids. I pay hasn't had such a massive ron. Some of the other as well short has moved but some the prospect potentially the future being listed company. That would be ripple. Melissa pay a suggest that probably have been impact on the price of As well now. I thought three point novice fifty nine bitcoin. Cash up seven point full six percent since one thousand five hundred. Thirty seven dollars waiting for pullback. The four fifty five right now dots at forty one dollars fifty seven up two point nine percent right now unfortunately hut for pullback the fifty dollars forty dollars and fifty cents. But it's looking a little bit slow for the time being. I'm gonna keep an on to not the lot cohen. Three point six seven percent. Yes that cracking die of eleven percent fully through a guy or above full hundred dollars. I believe that's got us around. Altan hawes Quantum sure before twenty the old tom. I'm not sure but it's a lovely trend is pushing very very well at six hundred. Eighty two dollars And eighty cents three percent up. If it can push through the all hawes hit. I think that's a really good training opportunities. Kadan taps its way towards two bucks wonderful. Righty up two point. Three six percent yesterday having a really good dies well up nine percent late. Dan point three three percent fifty dollars and twenty one cents at the moment looking very strong if it can push on and continued that simplicity estimates can was quite good as well up seven point four percent and still up. There is a top performer. Not talk tonight. Point six six percent so they offer the daily cradle tried to a very nice move it can push above the highs and we're talking about the bitter resistance at sixty nine point six sent bush above there and we're on our way to adult yes ladies and gentlemen market is strong. The market is looking very very good. And i'm hoping that you're feeling your bags. If you'd like to learn how to try and the accounts that i usually get access to my watch this joy my community and do lots of good things like that and try to call dot com. Have a fantastic lobby

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