A highlight from The Traders Journey: Your Identity


Welcome to the crypto show in today's show. I want to cover. I think that. If you haven't grappled with it already you probably will are now. I certainly did and come to my mind because just recently came back up Something that i need to deal with. Let me tell you. What is it spicy accepting ua. Yeah and that's being tried so throughout my career has been times where especially at the beginning. People will tell you that trading risky that you can't do that. There's no you've got basically people hide us. Come out and i told you that the the thing that doing the right thing by telling you that you shouldn't do this. You can't do this it's up to these of people not you. It's for this person for that person. You didn't get unit. You didn't do this. You didn't do that. Which i there are. I didn't go to uni. i don't really have any qualifications to do these other than the fact that i've done it and It's really important to suppose brand yourself for who you know for the fact that you are try to simply because if you don't you might struggle with some identity issues. Here is a story. I'll tell you about a good friend of mine from london. I haven't heard a long time so the probably be even overage to say that. She's a good friend these days but i'm sure if i picked up with finally get all the this woman She was willing to trade. And i had to be a mentor. this was on gs eight years ago. Now i think it was and she's a great gliding. She and her mother exchanges. She talks other law. Some other don't agree as with any father. Son mother daughter Any any dynamic mother and certainly from what in my case They don't always agree now. This one i will she nameless. She decided she was going to be tried. And we covered this in a mentoring session about you know who you are. What do you do. This is the saying the fake it before you make an. I don't necessarily agree with that. I think you've gotta earn it before you can become it I think that's a better way of putting it So i'm not. I'm not one for faking. I just don't like that. It's just not my kettle of fish cuttlefish. I should have said that. Mike huddle fisher. That made no sense at all anyway. So basically she decided she was going to self as a traitor. She did other things as well that she was going to add to her portfolio suspect or skills us. She put on her business card. Tried to this of course stood up some conversation. And this was what it was meant to do She is basically the old saying closed. The door behind you or closed door. Lock it behind you. Seekonk go back through again. I don't like the saying. Burn all your bridges so you can only get ford gm also closed door. Lock behind you. base criminial moving forward in your life. So she on her business card. It was designed to bring up conversation all your try to now. How has that going These sorts of conversations. She would have again people. The data's coming and saying you shouldn't do that. It's too difficult. You'll lose your money do this. Don't that here all the bad stories. That i have to tell you about tried his what generally happens. Everyone floyd's all the rubbish all the crap all the negativity and what it does. Is it builds. I resolve in hyun. Because you go okay. The thrown away. Can i finished. Because i'm ready now and you move forward now. What this does is it. Takes you take massive responsibility for your ad council. Because you're telling somebody you're going to do something then you have to be responsible because now you've earned it you're putting it out you're going to be working your butt off. The become success will try to so naturally people say how's the trading gang. Some will be more along the lines of. Hey how's it going others will be like. Hey how's it going. Yes it's tough isn't it. Yeah told you so now you gotta get through that but if you own it you can truly start to become and morphine to and you've got to really take that on board now. The reason i bring this up the reason this is the The the journey of trade a story to die story but less lesson really is because my daughter's gone a school fight coming up and i've donated one of my packages at the bronze package. I've donated that to the fine kids of bond. I public all the kids program. The parents for the for the for the raffle which might partner is running. And i thought to myself there's a there's a publication in sydney eastern of called the base. And i thought. I want to be in that to to have a little profile there and do a pace matha. Do i want everybody to know that this guy here is craig tried to call the crypto trader in bonn die and it got me thinking. I was thinking why what negative can come from this. Everyone will know not everybody can had that much effect. People know who i am. And what i do do a won't that level of privacy encroachment in my life and saying here. I am saying that as among the podcast with literally thousands of liz and out there on social media everyday But that's that's in the internet world right. Do i want my neighbors knowing. Exactly what i do and i had to sort of come through that partner. Ruth said well. What are you worried about. And that's really what it came down to why.

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