How to Shift Your Digital Strategy After iOS 14


Today i'm joined by warren g always a digital marketing specialist for one hundred contacts lauren. Thanks for coming on the air. Yeah i'm excited to have you Before we get into it just you know. Tell me a little bit about yourself. And i think you've got a really interesting story of how you made your way into marketing and just share that with us. Yeah so I actually yeah. I went to school at. Byu and my degree is an exercise in wellness. so out of college. I actually started as a as a personal trainer in wellness coach. I'm actually at one. Eight hundred contacts so they have an onsite gym. There and i was a personal trainer to our associates and their spouses and loved doing that. But then it just kinda what. I call it a quarter life crisis. I guess decided you know. What am i gonna do with my life. I don't think personal training it for me and the had a friend that had an entry level opening marketing position it was actually an affiliate marketing position open. She said hey. I think you might like to check it out. So i definitely had a google search. What affiliate marketing had no idea so google and thought. Hey what the heck you know of of made go into law school. But i put that on hold for like a year check out markets if i liked it and the stick so i'm i started affiliate marketing and moved over into the digital side couple years later for started with display and video native or khanin on my made my way back one eight hundred contacts in marketing. So over here. now. I'm back in and do it. Affiliate marketing for them as well and then among the paint social display side. So doing a lot for him. But it's gonna be back in different

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