How to Choose and Use a Contouring Concealer


Would you choose a shade and a conceal it. And how would you place it to get a countering effect. Yes sorry i like to about three shades daca because remember. You're going to blend it out and i will generally use something really lot and julie length of formula today too mac because you want it to be really malleable and you wanna be able to blend in with your normal foundations. What i like to do is if you touch cheik barn with your finger. There's a tiny little ridge underneath each shake. Burn your finger. Can just slide into an unusually ranjha travis. Sorry i lacked to pop three little dots or a really skinny lawn just just underneath in that little ranch and then you can blend that the using like a kabuki brush a beauty blend out your fingers about the best way to just start with a little bit of product and if you want more you can always add more less. He's

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