Dr. Jean-Christophe Plantin Discusses Digital Media Infrastructures and Tech Platforms


Let me turn it over to dr zone. Christoph plantain again. He's an associate professor in the department of media and communications at the doctor plantain. Thanks so much for taking the time out and welcome to the social media and politics podcast. Thanks for having me really happy to be here so to start out here. Why don't we break down a few of the key concepts that you've been developing in your research and the first one i'd like to discuss is media infrastructures which draws attention to this interplay between digital platforms. Which is kind of the services that we're all familiar with and the physical infrastructures that make those platforms work. And i think. Maybe we're not all familiar with those. So could you outline the concept of media infrastructures for us and why we should even be thinking about media infrastructures in the first place. Absolutely yeah you allow me to be a little idiosyncratic and just tell me a little bit how. I came to these concept. Maybe that would. That would be helpful just because this is a history that i guess we'll be telling on how we can put these different concepts together. My background is in a media. Medication studies and i worked a lot since my phd. On the concept of blood. I worked lots a studied. Participatory mapping google maps. Open street map and we are here. Yeah mid-2000s is still the whip. Two point zero seeking pretty strong and the type of scholarship at the time. Emphasizes the participatory nature off these pot for allowing people to post more easily to create to engage in activism or creative practices. so that was my standpoint. that's what i really started with A post doctoral fellowship at university of michigan and with my colleagues where i became much more more familiar with the concept of infrastructure. I worked a lot with polite words. Carla goes the christian. Send vague and these folks are much more on the stf side of these topics of the study of technolog- and the where of course talking about and they were talking about large distribution systems. They're put together via standards and gateways in these type of things but what was super interesting when we started working together and focusing more on the facebook and google's of the world. Is that what. I was describing. As platform there were describing as infrastructure.

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