Callison, Kevin Durant And Griffin discussed on SportsCenter All Night


Kevin Durant was like a sports car going around defenders that time Dodge. It's also with 4 40 plus games this year against Griffin got him on skates. And then into the lane out the heart away for three. He hits hard away with a 20 point night dodges his eight assists. I mean, I think that what we're seeing right now is we get down to these games will find high quality teams that won one for playoff seeding with Callison to screen to the right. And then pal slips out of that screen fronts and couldn't get it to back out. Luca five to shoot against the rant, stop and go into the way to the rim Left hand way up. Good. I mean, they're always this championship team. No. They have all the puzzle great pieces, but you know, we really came out with strong on and you know, obviously quite ahead in president game, But we were able to close the game and the Mavericks have knocked off the Brooklyn Nets. They have completed the sweep for the season Syriza against the Nets, and they moved into sole possession. Fifth place in the Western Conference. Yeah, thanks to one of 33

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