Ethiopian Orthodox Church Patriarch Condemns Tigray 'Genocide'


Get his message out of Ethiopia at last week in here, his words Robin is here by that action based you appear today all over Ethiopia and in T dry in particular many barbarism have been conducted. I tried several times to say this. But all my messages have been blocked till now. I haven't had the opportunity to get my message out through the media. It's clear that the problem is everywhere, including a romir bench angle, a sure rob it and so on. But what is happening in T dry is the worst brutality and cruelty. What's happening is the carnage of people, particularly the killing of innocents. God will judge everything. But people are dying, dying terribly. Women are being raped and they are in pain. The men who died. Ah, luckier than these women who are suffering churches are being destroyed in Merriam dangling. It's not the fault off the tee, bright people The whole world should know this. And now they do the strongly worded accusation of genocide from the head of Ethiopia's Orthodox Church. These air his first public comments on the war from the elderly Patriarca Boonie Mattias, who's from the Tigre region himself as he addresses millions of followers and the international community. The video is

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