Go to F**king Sleep

Mind Body No Soul


Napoleon bonaparte's once famously. Said let a bitch sleep or wind. She wakes she will move mountains or something often may wish that there was an auden for your mind or perhaps it was never an to begin with because you are not working with a full deck and maybe our chest own little bit stupid regardless of your cerebral bandwidth. Hyperactive brain can really fuck up your rent cycles whether you are mensa bound or complete shit for brains this guided. Meditation is intended to quiet the mind so you can relish in a beautiful slumber a well rested is crucial from product titi and mental stability. So you don't act like come. Malfunctioning psychopath commerce. State of mind allows for you not only sleep better. Anxiety increases focus makes you more enjoyable. In mixed company treats stops circular thinking improve. Your memory satisfies the body and makes you less like up. Busted

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