A highlight from BOX327: Dying In A Furniture Store


Oddities. Feel like i've been hit by a truck this morning by. Oh man i. Yesterday we were working on the rv. You did a lot of wallpapering in a tiling the bathroom floor you can imagine the bathroom floor in. Our is not very big. So i was scorched down for. Maybe an hour there was scorching. I was s- kuching. And so now i feel like i just ran a marathon. I need more electrolytes. It's pretty sad when i can't tile floor without feeling as though My next step is a rascal scooter. You did good my main concern with you yesterday. Is you have this weird thing. Where if your in the midst of a project you for some reason your brain says i should not eat or drink until i'm done and it's bizarre kept playing me with beverages throughout the morning. Drink this you will die. While i didn't die but i am. I am paying the price. I want to point out that you said you'd give me a back rub last night and you did not okay but i did give you. A foot rub. Yeah but there was no background side. Now we watched barb in star vista del. Mar and i am when they're not paying us to say this. I loved that movie. Our friend richard cheeses in it. I lost my mind. Like it's silly and it's weird and it's kind of surreal and not everyone like that. No but i loved it there. you go. She's delirious from lack of sleep. so take that endorsement for what. It's worth well by now. We've all heard the story of how john wilkes booth assassinated. President abraham lincoln fourteenth of april eighteen. Sixty five at ford's theatre in washington dc on that very morning booth paid a visit to ford's theatre to pick up his mail because of course he was at the time a nationally known Very famous actor. He was picking up his mail at john. Ford's theatre when john ford's brother mentioned to booth that president and mrs lincoln would be attending the production of our american cousin that evening. Now and that he would be accompanied by ulysses s grant mr and mrs ulysses s grant s stands for nothing. It just sounds cool after spending time at the saloon next door during the intermission of the play both entered ford's theater at ten ten at ten fourteen as the play was progressing opened the door to the box where lincoln was sitting shot lincoln in the back of the head with a forty one caliber derringer pistol. It's kind of weird that we know this piece of history as well as we do and history tells us it. Was this plan that. Play it out. And it's such a integral part of history. I think that we kind of think that it was. I don't know a little more. Well put together then. Someone told him that morning only would be there and then he went and got drunk. Apparently he had He had heard a speech from lincoln. It was an impromptu speech. That lincoln gave a window at the white house where he said that he supported suffrage for former slaves that ticked off booth and that got the process going. No grant and his wife had turned down the invitation to go that evening and henry rathbone and his fiancee. Clara harris were seated next to the lincoln's rathbone actually tried to thwart the attempt when booth burst into the box. Rathbone try to to grab booth booth style. He slashed him with a with an dagger on his arm. Booth then shot. The president jumped out of the president's box to the stage breaking his leg. He raises his knife. Shots sic semper taranath which means thus always to tyrants in latin. I'm sorry i picture being something like sixty s true. Oh my leg because he was drunk. I don't know if he was consistently age drunk but he was that time. I mean he had been drinking at. The salu wasn't like he was functional. It doesn't matter. please continue so it. All the confusion inside for its theater booth fled the stage to the stage door in the alley. He got on his getaway horse and galloped into southern maryland he had planned his escape route to take advantage of an area that was sparsely settled. They had a lack of telegraphs and railroads and so he thought that would give him a head start. It wasn't until april twenty-sixth the early dawn of that morning. That union troops finally caught up with booth and accomplice. They were hiding in tobacco. Barn booth refused to surrender so they let the barn on fire and they could see booth moving around inside the barn as it was burning and sergeant boston corbett shot booth and according to corbett's account he fired at booth because the fugitive quote raised his pistol to shoot at them. But another witness said corbett shot booth but quote without order pretext or excuse and it was recommended that corbett punished for disobeying orders. To take booth alive booth was fatally shot in the neck dragged onto the porch of the farmhouse and he died three hours later before died. Allegedly he held his hands up to his face. Actually he asked to raise his hands up to his face so he could see them and he uttered his last words useless useless and then died or did he. Oh there are some people who believed that the burned body that was dragged from. The barn was not john wilkes booth and john wilkes booth actually died decades later in a furniture store in oklahoma. What according to keio ceo news. Abc news five. They did a report on this and interviewed a local resident in has historian. Ross racy he said that booth was in enid. Oklahoma for a little under two years moved into what was at the time relatively new grand avenue hotel today. The building is the garfield furniture store not jennifer convertible known. No frazee said. John wilkes booth died there. They even claimed to still have the bed in the room that allegedly booth died in very weird to die on a bed at a furniture store. You would think that You'd get a discount for that okay. So here's how this version of history plays out again. according to freeze. He believed that booth got on the appalachian trail after he will. He assassinated lincoln. He went down as far as the gulf of mexico. The legend is that booth then crossed over into texas for a short period of time and then went up to oklahoma. he changed his name to the alias. David e george and he went up through the chisholm trail which is now highway. Eighty one phrase. He said that once he got to. Hannah see oklahoma. Booth became very sick so sick that he actually thought he was dying. He was on his what he thought was his deathbed. He allegedly confessed to his landlord. Who was a methodist minister that he actually was the one who shot abraham lincoln but he got better once. He recovered he skedaddle out of hand and most locals think it was because he had made that deathbed confession. Sure didn't wanna hang around. Never mind i was real sick. Gotta go by. That's when he fled to enid oklahoma. He'd hang out in saloons that were located in the sell side of the town square and he would often recite

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