A highlight from SN 817: The Ransomware Task Force - Scripps Health, REvil Hacks Quanta Computer, Emotet Botnet, QNAP

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Great to be with you. At as we begin may down here. We have may grey. I don't know if you have made gray. In northern california we do followed. They called marine layer. I s and it's followed by june gloom right While all summer long let's face it tries not to happen. Thanks a lot I have sort of ambivalent feelings about this. Which i will articulate by the end of today's podcast but but because it's happening and it's a thing i thought we had to talk about it. And that is the recently announced ransomware task force. No i house have mixed feelings about bureaucracies in general thought. Big fan of enlist committee meetings. I i i've mentioned before that. Grc got to a point where i once years later discovered an outline which i had created for to prepare for meetings about our meetings and i realize got our meetings are having meetings. So i just like yeah. That's not the way. I wanted to run my company. Consequently we no longer have meetings. Because i'd have small very yeah so but anyway There were a couple interesting pieces of information we haven't had before. Although most of what's going on with the ransomware world we know as well covered but still worth talking about. I wanted to sort of plant that flag so that we can then go from there and see if anything develops from it. We're gonna touch on a couple of topic surrounding ransomware. I of course. I i know you've been talking about it. This revival attack that affected apple through one of their suppliers. We're also gonna look at just this past weekend's attack the brought down southern california's world renowned scripts health system Ouch We also are going to catch up on some. That had been going on but i was waiting for the other shoe to drop to see what would happen. That happened sunday. Before last with a really interesting coordinated multinational take down of the imo. Tet bought net Which has been like. It's a huge botnets. Somehow we just hadn't talked about it and i'll to explain why later but i like since two thousand fourteen it had been growing And as sort of part of that the f. b. i. contributed more than four million compromised email addresses to troy hunts. Have i been postponed We're gonna follow up talking about that by looking at two notification services that troy now offers and leo. You're gonna wanna be poking at one of these 'cause you can now have have. I been postponed check for any compromised email addresses by domain as starred star at twit dot tv. And that's good i did. I did that. And i had to get my heart back under after after it returned. One hundred and fifty five g. r. c. dot com compromised email addresses which. I'll explain so anyway. You could cheat and scroll ahead of you want to and be

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