Being Victimized by Scams is Solvable [Test]



Episodes are out every friday. This is solvable. I'm jacob weisberg there. Only a few real cons that exist and the bones of the story are the same and they've been the same for centuries also maria conaco. Vince would writing about these number of years book. The confidence game explores stories of con-artists opportunists people who build up our trust and then take everything we have think bernie madoff the late investors who destroyed countless lives with false promises and financial theft but before we pledged to fight to abolish scams. Remember this another side to those familiar. Stories to the flip side of our vulnerability to cons is human connection and trust and all the good stuff. So how do we protect our loved ones in ourselves. We'll scams being enduring part of society forever because we refuse or are unable to learn from our mistakes rather than admitting i was dumb. I felt for a scam you say. Oh no no cure all of the mitigating circumstances and it probably wasn't even a scam. So i think that it takes a strong person. It's embarrassing So can scams be solved. Rea- konakov thanks so being victimized by a scam is actually a solvable problem. Maria has gone from investigating the lies. We tell ourselves to mastering the bluff herself by learning to play poker at a world class level and writing about that too so i started by asking her why she so hooked on these concepts of big and small manipulations. My first book was about sherlock holmes. So i've traveled this gamut from you know. How do you be detective to okay. What are the what are the bad guys doing to kind of being the bad guy myself but within a game right so so so there are rules And one of the reasons that i've that it's been such a passion of mine is that i hate to see in re in reality. Not in a game. I hate to see people being taken advantage of. And how often that happens. And how scammers often will target the most vulnerable parts of our population the most vulnerable people and then we as a society target again by blaming them and by saying oh well. You're just stupid. You were just greedy. You were just dumb. You shouldn't have fallen for it. I wouldn't have fallen for it and that just gets me. Yeah well i was going to ask you because of your longstanding interest. I mean this personal for you in any way of you've been scammed yourself or people close to you been victims of scams. I personally have not been scammed. That i know of but one point i always make is that you know. The scams are ones that you're probably not aware of so i. i'm sure i've been scammed on small things and when you're about to get on the subway someone stops you and says hey you know. I'm so sorry. I lost my wallet. Do you have the fair for the subway for the bus for the train. I need to get back to my family. And there's so many excuses and you can do one of two things you can say. I think you're con artist. I'm not going to give you any money on. Walk on you feel shitty. You feel like a bad person because they actually needed you. I've lost my wallet. I've needed help in the past. And i think we bought we probably been on the other side of that and so the trade off is yom maybe get scammed. But i'd rather take the risk of being the victim of scammer in that particular instance and. I'm sure i've been scammed that way. Well that's interesting. I mean i have experienced instill sticks with me from high school. I remember in chicago where i was growing up walking through lincoln park and there was a guy kinda ragged looking walking with a gas can and he stopped me and told me this whole sad story about how he was trying to get back to florida to see a family card run out of gas and he needed the money for gas. Now was probably fifteen years old or something like that. I think i gave him ten dollars. Which would have been a lot of money to me. At the time and i felt good about myself for doing that and then a week later i was walking through the park and there was the same guy looking around with this gas can And it just it sticks with

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